News: Pete Johnson Talks Futures, Monsters & Music

I am a huge fan of Pete Johnson and I do not attempt to hide that. Not only are his cigars my go to smokes but he has been nothing short of great to me. I got the chance to talk to him with Tom from the other day at Cigar Expo and Pete was very forthcoming with tons of information. In part one of a 2 part interview Pete talks about The Verite Futures, The Monster Series and Music. The interview quickly went downhill though which caused Pete to label it as the most fucked up interview he has ever done…

For those who want to skip ahead.

  • 00:00 to 5:20 La Verite & Futures.
  • 05:21 to 7:25 Monster Series
  • 7:26 to 8:10 Fodder
  • 8:11 to End Music as we slide down hill!