News: Pennsylvania Cigar Tax Defeated!

Earlier today (6/30/2010) the Senators of Pennsylvania voted against a tax on cigars for the states 2010-2011 budget. It is the second time that Govenor Ed Randall tried to levy a tax on cigars but thankfully the government saw that tobacco is an important part of the states employment. With Pennsylvania broad-leaf growing in popularity and the numerous tobacco warehouses throughout the state providing a significant amount of jobs to small communities it was important for this tax not to be passed.

While at Cigar Expo which was hosted by Famous Smoke Shop in Easton, Pennsylvania this weekend I saw many of the top names in the business talking to various aides of the the senators. I personally applaud the actions of Jose Blanco from the La Aurora Cigar company and Rocky Patel, owner of Rocky Patel Cigars both of whom I saw spending a lot of time on this issue. There efforts no doubtedly played a huge part in having the tax defeated as well as everyone who let their voices be heard.

Our normally scheduled Wednesday Cigar Review will be posted on Thursday.