News: Christian Eiroa On Fox Business News

Tonight Christian Eiroa from Camacho Cigars was on Fox Business News to discuss a new working partnership with Bayer Crop Science at the end of America’s Nightly Scorecard. While the host of the show was commenting on how smoking cigars made him feel healthy and could be the reason that Fidel is still alive Christian commented that a lot of people in Miami are unhappy that Castro looked so healthy in recent video.

He went on to tell his father left Cuba in the 1960s and when America he joined the army and took part int he Bay Of Pigs invasion. He spoke of how his family is very much anti Fidel. The host of the show stated that Camacho started from nothing and grew into a big time company with partnerships with Davidoff and Bayer Crop-Science.

Christian touched on the fact that Camacho handles all aspects of cigar making themselves from seed planting, fermentation, box making, and cigar rolling. He mentions that America thinks of Bayer as an aspirin but in Central America and Latin America Bayer is very big in the agricultural process.

At the end of the segment which lasted all of 3 minutes they touched on how with the help of Bayer Crop Science they will now leave no footprint on the environment when growing their tobacco and that the cigars they produce are 100% hygenic.

The piece was a little bit more then a fluff piece but getting good press about cigars is always a positive.