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I remember the first time I saw this cigar on the shelf at a local tobacconist and it caused me to chuckle. GR8 was very junior high and I wasn’t sure of the name to be honest. It seemed corny and gimmicky. I smoked a few and liked them enough to make them a part of my rotation.

A few weeks ago I went to Tobacco Plaza on Long Island which is where Old School cigars started. And if you remember my review from a few weeks ago of the the Old School Original you will recall how I went gaga over them. In fact I liked them so much I headed back out to the shop which is about 25 miles from house just to buy some GR8 cigars to review on this website.

Like the Old School Original these cigars are produced by Alec Bradley for Old School Cigars. Does the name fit the cigar, is it GR8 ? Let’s see if this is a cigar Tony The Tiger would endorse….

Cigar: Old School Cigars Original
Size: 6.25 x 54 (Torpedo)
Wrapper: Criollo 98 (Trojes, Honduras)
Binder: Criollo 98 (Trojes, Honduras)
Filler: Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico
Strength: Medium/Full
Facebook: Tobacco Plaza

Old School GR8 Cigars

Old School GR8 Cigars

Appearance and Construction: The cigar itself features a great looking Criollo wrapper that is loaded with oils. The roll of the cigar is flawless with a nice hefty weight to it and no soft spots from cap to foot. The wrapper has a few thin veins throughout  but nothing that really detracts from the wrapper. The band of the Old School GR8 cigar has a some similarities to another cigar but remains original as well.

Flavor & Notes : The foot of the Old School GR8 offers notes of sweet wood while the cold draw served up some wood and an added sweetness bordering on fruity. Once the cigar is lit the wood notes really begin to shine but the sweetness in the background really begins to creep up on you. The only way I can describe this is by asking, have you ever had strawberries where you sprinkled sugar on top of them? That is what it reminds me of and it is a first in a cigar for me. The second third of the cigar offers up a lot of different notes. vanilla, cinnamon, wood and fruity sweetness to name a few. I am really impressed by the complexity of this smoke. The final third of the cigar a subtle sweetness remains with some wood and leather. The cigar has a nice short finish high on wood notes.

Smoking Characteristics: For about the first third of the cigar my review stick burned a little lopsided but by the time we got the the second third it straightened out with a nice razor sharp burn line with a thin carbon line. The cigar had a pretty solid medium to dark colored ash that held on very strong. The draw was ideal and the cigar produced a decent volume of smoke with a pleasant aroma.

Conclusion: While I would not label this a great cigar I would rate it a very good cigar, one that is worth trying and smoking again and again. For my money I would choose the Old School Original more often then not over this one but I would smoke it again without a question. A very complex cigar that offers up an intriguing flavor profile making this another winner for the boys at Old School Cigars.

Price: $9.00 before taxes.
Score: 89

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  • dmjones1009

    25 miles from home in NYC sounds like a pretty big commitment…what is that about an hour or more each way? Am I reading it right that they’re only available at that location or are they distributed regionally or nationally?

  • Agent 86

    I’ve never heard of these but they sound good. My first experience with the Alec Bradley name was the Spirit of Cuba, I was blown away that a 3-5 dollar sandwich cigar could be so damn good. It about killed me when my local stopped carrying them.

  • Barry

    dmjones, they are at various stores and distribution is expnading

  • Tomas

    Does Old School happen to have a website or some other place online that they may be offered? Strawberries and Sugar coupled with the vanilla and cinnamon notes sounds like a must have. I’ve never seen them anywhere in Texas. Very provocative review!

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  • Barry

    The can be ordered by calling Tobacco Plaza up. They can be reached at 516-829-7134

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