Cigar News: The Week In Review


Another active week in Cigar News with stories from local municipalities banning to sale of single sticks to major cities looking to ban smoking at the park and beaches. A cigar company ended it’s relationship with CAO and General Cigar won a big court case over the Cohiba name.

  • Carlos Torano Cigars took back its Distribution from CAO and in the process they have a new logo and a new name. Torano Family Cigars celebrates the change with 3 new cigars and a line extension. Torano Family Master, Single Region and Brigade will be Brick & Mortar only while the 50 year will receive the line extension if form of a box press.
  • For 13 years General Cigars has been battling Cubatabaco over the name Cohiba and this week a federal judge reversed a decision that originally favored Cuba. The new ruling states that since General was the first to trademark the name in 1978 they can continue selling the cigar in the US. Cubatabaco has charged that the selling of Cohiba Red Dots exploits there name. I’m sure this isn’t the last we heard on this.
  • They’re here! The much anticipated release from Pete Johnson and Tatuaje cigars has hit the shelf. The La Verite will be released each year as one crop from one farm much like the wine industry. This years crop includes a Criollo wrapper grown from Habano seed in that was grown in 2008 on Pepin’s farm in Esteli, Nicaragua.
  • More news outlets have picked up the story about Mayor Bloomberg looking to ban smoking in New York City Parks & Beaches. And the CRA has issued a call to action which didn’t work when it came to the tax increase in my state. Can the CRA help rally the troops and stop this from happening. I like Glynn Loope but so far the CRA has not lived up to expectations.
  • In Prince George’s County Maryland it is now illegal to walk into a tobacconist and buy a single cigar. The country wants you to buy 5 or more per purchase. There reasoning is it will curb the amount of new smokers and current smokers as well as limiting the sale to people who roll blunts. So now our government tells us what we have to buy. Amazing.
  • Ashton will now handle the distribution of Humidipak and Boveda this week. Both Humidipak and Boveda are two humidification packets that work pretty well and have continued to grow in popularity.
  • According to an article over at Cigar Reader that they picked up from the El Paso times if you use tobacco  you will not be able to get a job with the Texas University Medical Center. They now join Truman Medical Center in Kansas City as well as others in Ohio, Pennsylvania & Tennessee. I’m scratching my head trying to figure out how the use of a legal product can prevent you from getting a job.

Til next week smoke if you got em, because soon you may not be able to!

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  • Barry

    Just a clarification…

    I love the concept of the CRA, and I love the potential of the CRA. But no one outside the cigar community knows what the CRA is.

    Just once I want to hear on the local news, or read in the paper..

    “The CRA says that it will fight any proposed smoking ban” or similar comment. I want people outside our community to know what the CRA is. Sadly they do not and until they do this is why the CRA won’t work long term.

    As the NRA got out there in name, more and more people took up their cause. Gun Owners or not. Right now we lack those numbers and there is safety in numbers.

  • Joe

    The problem with all of us is that we think that just cigar smokers can win. We can’t, we need everyone’s help to fight these bills. We just don’t have the numbers to do it alone. We’re also content to just be sheep, and while we complain about it, what are we really doing? I am in CRA, I’m an ambassador for CRA, I try to get members for them, and spread the word, but unfortunately, there is only so much I can do because I have a 40-hour-a-week job on top of college. We all have things that keep us too busy to do what professional lobbyists can do.

  • dmjones1009

    Well, the government already told us this year that we “have to” buy health insurance or pay a fine (which is less than the health insurance we have to buy), so it’s not such a stretch for them to say you have to “buy more than one cigar” in this instance. The ultimate goal for the nanny-staters, though, is to restrict and tax tobacco products so much that they practically become illegal, even if they are not “actually” illegal. Same thing is happened to incandescent light bulbs. By 2012, the price to make and sell traditional, incandescent light bulbs will be so much in this country (through additional regulatory mandates mostly) that no one will do it and we will have no choice but to use CFLs.

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