Cigar Review: Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary


The first time I had a Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary I had two different cigars with the same name. This created a little but of confusion as the event at Cigar Inn for the launch of the 15th Anniversary they gave you a round cigar, but the cigar that is coming out on the market is box pressed. Luckily I got the scoop from Rocky who gifted me a box pressed robusto. I was very much impressed and at Cigar Expo he went out of his way to give me another one to smoke.

Well this past week Patrick from Rocky Patel Cigars sent out a lot of samples to bloggers including yours truly. The samples he sent out along with the couple I smoked prior were used to formulate this review and I will tell you this. It is not your typical Rocky cigar how is it different? Read on my friends…

Cigar: Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary

Size: 5.5 x 52 (Torpedo)

Wrapper: Habano Ecuador

Binder: Jalapa

Filler: Nicaragua

Strength: Medium/Full

Twitter: @RockyPatelCigar

Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary

Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary

Appearance and Construction: A beautiful looking box pressed torpedo with a wonderfully inviting oily wrapper from Ecuador. The wrapper has  a few thin veins and a nice velvet like feel to the fingers. The roll is outstanding and trying to find the seams were near impossible. The stick has a nice weight to it and no soft sports. Sadly the samples came without labels but I understand it will utilize a 2 band system. One with Rocky Patel Logo and the other denoting 15th Anniversary.

Flavor & Notes: The strange pre-light notes that I come up with continue on this cigar. The foot of the stick  reminds me of a strawberry pop tart, the non frosted variety. The cold draw has a sweetness to it with a touch of wood. Once the cigar is lit up there is some spice present on the initial light especially through the nose, but it slowly dies down in the first half inch. As the pepper faded some leather popped into play before giving way to notes of mocha and wood. The second third of the cigar the sweetness remains and it borders on mocha with a touch of floral notes and a woody finish. So far I am really digging the cigar. The final third of the cigar the wood notes take center stage with a slight mocha that borders on chocolate for the finish.

Smoking Characteristics: When I first lit up my last torpedo sample the burn really began to canoe quickly. I was sitting in front of the air conditioner though and once I adjusted the vents the cigar quickly corrected itself which is a great sign of construction. The medium gray ash held on strong which was different then the robustos that I smoked from Rocky. The draw was perfect and it produced a nice volume of smoke.

Conclusion: Why I say these are different then other Rocky cigars is the spice especially at the start. It was very reminiscent of another cigar from Nicaragua. I could see smoking these on a regular basis and the complexity and richness was really enjoyable. For me a winner of a cigar from Rocky Patel. One item of note according to Brian Hewitt over at Stogie Review the cigar is listed as 6.125 x 52 but my torpedo samples measured up to 5.5 so I am curious to see the actual release.

Rating: 91

Price: $10.75 MSRP

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  • Coop

    I can’t wait to get my hands on one to try!!!

  • Tom

    I think the robusto size was nice, and appreciate the samples being sent to all the bloggers out there. I wasn’t “Wowed” but definitely wasn’t let down either. Just an all around good cigar.

  • Derek

    “Strawberry pop tart” – I love it! The flavors you discern are unmatched…I’m just happy when I can pinpoint anise or something else uncommon, but I wish my mind was as open as yours to flavors, haha!

  • dmjones1009

    I think that’s the first time…no, I KNOW that’s the first I’ve ever seen “strawberry Pop Tart, the unfrosted variety” come up in a cigar review! LOL

    Good review…sounds like a winner from Rocky, but apparently the price model of the Decade has been used, which is very unfortunate. The Decade is the only RP stick I will generally smoke and they’re just priced too high for frequent consumption. Too many other sticks that please me just as much for $3 or 4 less per stick…that $3 or $4 per really adds up over the course of a month!

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