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For those who do not know and I assume there are not many of you July 22nd, 2010 is the 3rd annual Smoke a JJ for JJ day. The Series JJ is a cigar made by My Father Cigars and we light one up in memory of the Little Robusto. The Little Robusto is the son of Jerry Cruz from Stogie Review who passed away at 3.5 months old due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The hardest thing for any parent to do is bury their child and on this trying day for the Cruz family we at want to honor the memory of the “Little Robusto”.

So we do that by donating $20.00 to the American SIDS Institute for every person who submits a photo of themselves smoking a Series JJ to our email (barry at with a cap of $500.00 by the end of the day on July 22nd. Just please note that we will run the photos on Tuesday July 27th when we announce the total money raised that will be donating in memory of the Little Robusto for this worthwhile cause.

We do this because of the bond with have with our fellow Brother Of The Leaf and we feel for his family. We hope this gesture will some how make the day a little bit easier.

If you would like to make a donation yourself, please follow this link.

EDIT: I will be presenting the check for the donation to Jerry Cruz at the 2010 Twitter BOTL Cocktail Hour at IPCPR in New Orleans for him to submit to the American SIDS Institute.

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  • Matthew

    Well done Barry

  • Ben Lee

    That’s really an awesome gesture, Barry. You’re a good man for doing this.

  • Coop

    Awesome of you to do this!!!

  • Jerry @ Stogie Review

    Barry I am totally speechless at the moment…thank you.

  • Danny

    Truly awesome. I’ll for sure submit my pic. Maybe we can set something up where we match your donations?

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  • JoshK

    That’s a really cool gesture Barry. I will make sure to have my camera on the 22nd.

  • dmjones1009

    This is definitely a great thing you’re doing here, Barry. I wish I could afford to donate that much myself, but funds are pretty limited. I will smoke my JJ on Thursday and take a picture to send to you for your fundraising drive, but I also intend to donate what I can to the same organization and encourage everyone else to do so as well.

    Hey BOTL,
    If everyone who submits a picture to Barry for his drive will go ahead and whip out their own checkbook (or credit card) for a $20 personal donation, we can double the money raised by this!

  • Brian

    You are a class act, sir. Nicely done.

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  • beaverc32

    Class act gesture. RIP JJ

  • Barry

    Please make sure you are smoking the cigar when you send the picture. So far I have gotten a close up of the label, and 2 catalog pictures. Yes right out of the catalog with prices and all.

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  • Don Fernando

    awesome Barry, you got mail.

  • tx_tuff

    Great thing you are doing Barry! I will find on in my humi for tonight!

  • Tadd

    Thanks Barry. Email and photo sent.

  • Ed

    Thanks, Barry. I have sent my picture to honor JJ. This is a great thing you are doing.

  • yourchoice

    Barry, as said, it is a great thing you are doing. Pic sent.

  • Eric

    Smoked my JJ today, sending pic now

  • TriMarkC

    Last night I stopped at my local B&M to share a JJ for JJ “Little Robusto” with whomever might also know of this virtual event in his honor. Not only did the store manager know, but there were several cigar smokers there all lifting their Don Pepin Garcia Serie JJ’s when I lit up mine, all in honor of Jerry Cruz’s son.

    Your generosity is wonderful!


  • Mike – KnightRid

    This was such a great act of kindness Barry!

    One day research may find a cause for SIDS and let every parent sleep a little better.

  • dustin app

    I hope you recieved my picture on time. What you are doing is very honorable. Will you be posting all the pictures you got?

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