Smoke a JJ For JJ Fundraiser

For those who do not know and I assume there are not many of you July 22nd, 2010 is the 3rd annual Smoke a JJ for JJ day. The Series JJ is a cigar made by My Father Cigars and we light one up in memory of the Little Robusto. The Little Robusto is the son of Jerry Cruz from Stogie Review who passed away at 3.5 months old due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The hardest thing for any parent to do is bury their child and on this trying day for the Cruz family we at want to honor the memory of the “Little Robusto”.

So we do that by donating $20.00 to the American SIDS Institute for every person who submits a photo of themselves smoking a Series JJ to our email (barry at with a cap of $500.00 by the end of the day on July 22nd. Just please note that we will run the photos on Tuesday July 27th when we announce the total money raised that will be donating in memory of the Little Robusto for this worthwhile cause.

We do this because of the bond with have with our fellow Brother Of The Leaf and we feel for his family. We hope this gesture will some how make the day a little bit easier.

If you would like to make a donation yourself, please follow this link.

EDIT: I will be presenting the check for the donation to Jerry Cruz at the 2010 Twitter BOTL Cocktail Hour at IPCPR in New Orleans for him to submit to the American SIDS Institute.