Cigar Review: Don Pepin Garcia JJ Maduro

While I am still going through the pictures that were submitted for the fundraiser it appears we hit our goal target. I will announce this come late Monday afternoon along with how you can contribute. For now I share a review of the Series JJ Maduro that I wrote last year…

Cigar: Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ Maduro
Origin: Nicaragua
Size: 6 x 54 (Sublime / Toro)
Wrapper: Corojo Maduro
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Med/Full

Pre-Smoke: This well packed cigar is not as dark as your typical maduro. The corojo maduro wrapper can be a tad misleading to the naked eye. The scent off the wrapper is sweet while the foot offers a wood like spice. The cigar has its fair share of veins but nothing extreme and it features a cuban style triple cap. So far this seems like a maduro is supposed to be.

Smoke: This is definitely a full flavor big smoke producing cigar that on the light you were definitely hit with some well defined notes. The first third offers wood with some spices at the start. As I reached the end of the 1st third one of the most defined mocha notes I ever came across took control of the stick. The 2nd third of this cigar offered the same defined mocha notes with some pepper (yes I went into a sneezing frenzy!) and the wood notes remained as well. The final third of the cigar was a heavyweight bout between the wood and mocha notes each taking turns on the lead of the judges scorecard with the wood winning out in the end. The finish of the cigar was very woody.

Overall: Hands down the best Don Pepin Garcia I ever had. What I really liked about it was that it was a classic maduro in the sense it had a lot of sweetness to it in the mocha notes. I have noticed that recently a maduro cigar is not what they have been historically. A maduro cigar is supposed to be sweet, not necessarily strong. Today a lot of these cigars are strong fro the sake of being strong and offer nothing special. There are a lot of people at my local B&M that smoke these cigars because they like the buzz they are getting from the high nicotine content of the leaf. Perhaps I am being a cigar snob, but I believe these people smoke for the wrong reason. These maduro cigars turn the real smoker off to what a maduro is really meant to be.

Rating: 93
Price: $9.75

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  • Brian

    I agree Barry, I actually try to avoid cigars that are overly strong with not enough flavor. I am not a fan of smoking a cigar to get a buzz!!

  • Charlton Cerbone

    I agree that maduro cigars such as Camacho Triple Maduro ruin peoples idea of a cigar. I work at a store and many people will not try this cigar or any maduro cigar because they had bad experiences with high nicotine maduro cigars. I don’t mind the nicotine, but flavor, construction, and appearance are much more important to me. Is the JJ Maduro in a corona size. I have only smoked the robusto, lancero, and sublime. The lancero is to die for. The best Don Pepin Lancero out, but in limited quantities. Holts has it in the Don Pepin Lancero sampler pack, which also includes a Cuban Classic, JJ, Blue Label, and El Centurion. It is about seventy bucks and worth every penny. Unfortnately the most disappointing lancero out of the bunch was the el centurion.

  • JoshK

    Really, really agree with your point about mild/medium body maduros (or at least ones that aren’t a kick in the teeth). They are some of my favorite cigars but its getting harder to tell for newer cigars which ones are maduro sweet and which are just maduro strong.

  • thetobaccophile

    I really liked this stick. I concur about the maduro misconception!

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