Cigar Review: Padron TAA Maduro


Trying to track down information on today’s cigar turned out to be a chore. From what I can tell the Padron TAA was made exclusively for 40 stores that make up the Tobacco Association of America of which Uptown Cigar Company is a member. While not on their website I believe they still have these sticks in stock.

So being that it has been a long time since I smoked a Padron 1964 and once considered them to be a favorite of mine. I am curious to see how much my palate has changed since the time where I considered the Padron Principe my benchmark cigar. Sadly though this cigar review is based on a single stick and one should take that into consideration when reading it.

Cigar: Padron Series 1964 TAA
Size: 5 x 52
Wrapper: Maduro (Nicaragua)
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium
Twitter: @uptowncigar

Padron Anniversary Series 1964 TAA Maduro

Padron Anniversary Series 1964 TAA Maduro

Appearance and Construction: When it comes to a box pressed cigar Padron sets the bar with the Anniversary lines. Seamless, without creases and a great feel this is what a box pressed cigar should be. The dark Maduro wrapper has an abundance of oils and the thinnest of veins present. The stick itself is well packed with no soft spots and a nice solid weight to it. The band is a dual band with the Padron logo and a secondary anti-counterfeiting band that is individually numbered.

Flavor & Notes: The prelight draw of the Padron TAA Anniversary 1964 served up crisp cedar notes and a slight earth, while through the nose offered a subtle sweetness along with an inviting tobacco scent. Once lit up the cigar welcomes me back home to the cigars that I fell in love with while embracing the hobby of cigar smoking. The luxurious feeling one gets with a Padron cigar is event from the get go. An exquisite spice with cedar notes start out the first third before allowing some subtle mocha notes join the party. As we went the second third of the smoke the notes of mocha really begin to take hold with cedar almost enveloping the the flavor while the spice becomes subtle in the background of this delicious smoke. The final third of the cigar notes of cedar take charge with a some cocoa and spice thrown in as well. The cigar had a nice bread like finish.

Smoking Characteristics: I’ve never had a Padron with a bad draw which I find amazing giving how box pressed these cigars are and this one was no different. The superb draw produced a lot of smoke that was dense that kept me occupied blowing smoke ring after smoke ring. The light color ash had some minimal flake and held on for half the cigar before I chose to ash and the burn was as even as they come with the thinnest of carbon lines.

Conclusion: While the Anniversary cigars are no longer my benchmark cigar and to be honest with you I no longer have one I realize how much I have missed the old friend. I was sadly disappointed when the stick was finished and contemplated lighting up another one in a different vitola but instead I chose to reminisce in the hour and a half it took to smoke. It also made me realize I need to smoke these again on a regular basis.

Rating: 96
Price: $14.00 per stick

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  • dmjones

    Check the size…I’m not sure about the 5 x 52 as I didn’t measure the one I had before smoking it, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a Salomon. At the TAA store I shop at I was told it was a “Toro” size (can’t remember if the manager told me that or if it was printed on the box), although I remember thinking it was the shortest Toro I had ever seen.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the one I smoked as well. Wish I had the money for a whole box!

  • Barry

    thanks for catching the salomon reference. it was left over from the previous review.
    I used and the 5″ was checked that way

  • dmjones1009

    Yeah, I don’t doubt the 5″ to be honest…like I said, they described it as a Toro–and it definitely smoked about as long as I would expect a Toro to–but it just looked more “robusto” to me, maybe a little thicker than 52, but not by much. Now I wish I had measured it before smoking it! Oh well…I’ll just have to pick up another one!

  • Komodota

    Barry, what is your current benchmark cigar? Hugely curious as to waht cigar would knock the Padron off your personal perch!

  • Israel

    The TAA is about an eigth of an inch shorter than a 1926 No.9, and same ring. And I’m with Komodata…what IS your benchmark cigar?

  • barry

    I’m not sure if I really have a bench mark cigar anymore. The reason for this is I’m so focussed on getting new reviews out there i rarely have time to smoke casually anymore.

    the cigars I’ve been smoking a lot though when I do is the original el triufador which is my fave lancero. after that I like the 107 and the new cigar aurora is releasing at the trade show is a grad slam.

    I smoke a lot of tatuajes and cabaiguans but I’m all over the place.

    to sum it up there was a time when I would go into a shop and reach for a padron principe. that isn’t the case anymore mostly due to the site opening my eyes to new smokes and the desire to find something i have yet to review

  • Israel

    I hear ya, Barry. The ET original release lancero is among the best, if not the best, I’ve had. I too have been smoking a LOT of 107s lately, but Padron is Padron. Definitley MY benchmark.

  • Dale

    been smoking for around 20 years just started rating my cigars in a journal the last five but always kept my bands over the years and just in the last 3 months have been smoking padron cant seem to put them down ever visit to the cigar shoppe seems to end up with a couple of padron’s in the bag

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