News: The Week In Review

Normally I would have a little anecdote in the space leading up to weekly news reports but a summer cold that led to a bad back from sneezing and a dry cough that kept me up all night  will make this a little bit brief. So without further adieu I bring you The Week In Review….

  • Torano Family Cigars has hired Bruce M. Lewis as Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Does the name sound familiar? Well Mr. Lewis was the brand manager for Torano Family Cigars over at CAO International so in a sense TFC has decided to keep it in the family.
  • Remy Martin the makers of Louis the XIII Cognac have released an ultra rare cognac called Louis The XIII Cognac Cask Strength and only 30 bottles total will be available in the USA.
  • Habanos S.A. announced the new Romeo Y Julieta Wide Churchill as part of their regular collection which will measure 5 1/8 x 55.
  • Padron is all set to release the Family Reserve No. 46 which will measure 5.5 x 56 and is expected to retail around $25.00 before any local taxes.

See you tomorrow with the Sunday Links!