Cigar Review: La Charada by La Caridad Del Cobre

In the beginning I was the type  of person who asked for cigars when I ran into a rep. But after a few months of running the blog I realized that doing this site did not entitle me to free smokes. So, I adopted the policy of not asking for cigars even though certain people told me not to be shy. I felt like even though I was providing a service to the cigar community it isn’t right. This past week at IPCPR I broke that policy one time and that is why I chose the cigar as the first post IPCPR review. Having a hard time finding these smokes and hearing Lindsay Heller talk about them I had to ask Frank for one to review. He gave me one, his sales rep gave me one and I got another one that same night. 3 cigars. Review material.

The La Caridad Del Crobre that I am reviewing today is the Maduro and according to the website, “La Caridad Del Cobre is Cuba’s Patron Saint.   She is the only thing constant about Cuban culture.  Since the beginning  of her appearance which is thought to begin in 1608, Cuba has  experienced many changes.  However, for over 400 years Cuba’s Patron  Saint represents the strength and resolve of the Cuban people, whether  they live in Cuba, in exile, or wherever they may be in the world.    Our cigars are made in the Cuban tradition, designed and produced by  Cubans living in exile.  While we may not live in Cuba, the tradition of  quality cigar making continues and we want to share it with you.”

Cigar: La Charada Maduro
Size: 6 x 54 (Charada No. 64 / Torpedo Immenso)
Wrapper: Brazilian Arapiraca
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Strength: Mild/Medium
Twitter: @lcdc_1608
Facebook: La Caridad Del Cobre
Official Site:

La Caridad Del Cobre Maduro

La Caridad Del Cobre Maduro

Appearance and Construction: The La Caridad Del Cobre feature a band that is colorful and states the brand of the cigar while underneath it state the Soul of Cuba. The Brazilian wrapper has some of the thinnest veins I’ve ever seen and is adorned with those tiny magnesium pimples that is usually the sign of a good cigar. The roll is slightly porous which surprises me some and the stick feels  a little light in the hand. There are no soft spots present and the cigar should smoke well.

Flavor & Notes: The prelight draw ha a slight spice to it but is loaded with a sweet molasses while the foot has the same molasses like taste to the nose. Once the cigar is lit there was a powdery sweetness with notes of chocolate. During the second third of the stick the sweetness remains but takes a back seat to some dominant notes of cedar with a slight  nuttiness. The final third the chocolate and cedar notes engage in a virtual tug  o war with with a smooth finish that has a slight hint of nuts.

Smoking Characteristics: The stick burned as straight as the come with a solid ash that held on well. Various characteristics of the  wrapper were easily seen in the ash which created a nice visual. The burn was as easy as they come without being too loose and the La Caridad Del Cobre  produced a nice amount of smoke with a pleasant aroma.

Conclusion: If you want to prove to people that a maduro cigar is not always a strong cigar this is the perfect stick to do so. The smooth notes and mild to medium body make this a classic maduro that is worthy of a spot inside you humidor.

Rating: 89
Price: $7.25