Sunday Links

Yesterday I wanted to write about the brotherhood but with various site issues I had to put the post on hold. But the amount of people looking to help me out with the issues of the site just proves our close the brotherhood and sisterhood of the leaf is. This was evident in New Orleans with the Twitter Bother of the Leaf Cocktail Hour put together by Chief Hava & Stogie Review. With manufactures donating cigars (for a complete list go here) to be given out at the event it is obvious some members of the press are accepted at IPCPR.

With 120 people including people from twitter, cigar manufacturers and the good people of Dos Jeffe the cigar bar that was the venue for the event we laughed, we drank, we smoked and we listened to good music. It is sad that our politicians have lost sight of the this basic freedom that so many fine Americans have enjoyed and continue to enjoy in some municipalities.

During this event a fine speech was given by the Chief that spoke of the brotherhood, and we all came together for JJ with a $1750.00 donation to the American SIDS Institute. Amazing how a group can get together and do something so positive as the anti smoking zealots do their best to keep us down.

Coming out of IPCPR there was some talk about people from the press being allowed at the events, and i think for the most part we are welcome. Sure there are some cigar weasels who relentlessly pressure manufactures for cigars because they have a site on blogspot or promise to hold a herf that never happens. But those people are far and few between. I think those of us who are established and care so much for an industry that some of us strive to be a part of know better then to interrupt a sale. We know we come 2nd at the IPCPR.

If we weren’t accepted would Jerry Cruz be invited into the show early by Pete Johnson to see the booth in progress and granted 18 minutes of interview time? Would the boys from Miami Cigar and La Aurora give me an exhibitor pass so I could see their booth in progress. The answer is no. Sure there are some bad apples, but that could be said about any aspect of life and I hope that this is the end of the talk and that I will see some of you in Las Vegas next year.

Lastly it was great to see all the bloggers working together at the show. Sharing information freely with each other while respecting the fact that this was their story and not writing about it themselves. There was a core group of us that really supported each other and I want to take the time to thank the guys from Stogie Review for introducing me around to the people I did not know. The show was over whelming and I was blown away to say the least but now that I know what to expect next years coverage will be much better.

The Sunday Links

  • Casas Fumando smokes the La Auroa 107 Corona.
  • Cigar In Hand lights up the illusione hl Candela which was introduced at IPCPR.
  • The Cigar Feed has a review of the Carlos Torano Master which is in my to review list for the coming week.
  • Finally, with rumors swirling on Twitter that La Aurora is about to release a 107 in a lancero size, Tom over at Cigar Reader touches on the subject that the industry is moving the direction of the American public by getting fatter.

Bigger does not mean better, except when it comes to me ladies 🙂

Enjoy my friends!