Saturday News

The summer is coming to a close with September around the corner and for the most part things are quiet on the cigar front. In the coming we week we should have an interview with Jesus Fuego up on the site who will be taking the time to talk to us about his affiliation with Xikar, Schooling in Cuba, and other lines in the J. Fuego collection. If you have a question you would like us to ask feel free to leave a comment and we will do just that.

The news is a little light this week but here goes.

  • I ran into Jerry Dear this week first at Cigar Inn and then again last night at Tobacco Plaza on Long Island in the town of Great Neck where we got to talk about a variety of things. First off the have a new cutter coming out in November that is 3-D in appearance. I tweeted a picture of it the other day and this cutter looks amazing. But also we spoke about the new edition of the 6 x 60 in the Havana Collection line which seems to be the size of choice lately in the states. Look for a review sometime in the next week or so.
  • Proof that state governments are short sited when they raise taxes to increase revenue has come to light in Utah. With a tax that was recently from 35% to 86% the AP is reporting that the tax revenue is half of what it was as people move to making their purchases online.
  • Finally the Dirty Rat is coming to shelves soon, but one person on twitter has stated that it seems different then the samples that were given out while Drew Estate toyed with the idea of releasing these in a small batch. We will compare the two in an upcoming review.
  • Our friends at Famous Smoke Shop have released the a new Fuerte from La Floridita which is made by Nestor Plasencia exclusively for Famous.

See you all tomorrw with the Sunday Links