Cigar Review: Carlos Torano Master


I think going into the trade show the most looked forward new release from Torano now that they went solo was the Single Region. So needless to say the Master was an afterthought for me, and it might get lost in the shuffle as people will be reaching for the Jalapa Valley stick. But it is my opinion that might be a mistake.

The Master is a joint effort between Carlos Torano and master roller Felipe Sosa and comes in four sizes  Robusto (5 x 50), Torpedo (6.25 x 52), Churchill (7 x 50) and Toro (6 x 54). The cigar is described by Toraño as “having a bold, rich flavor … it’s for the man with a seasoned palate, a cigar that fully satisfies after an opulent meal or an evening pairing with spirits. True aficionados will discern and appreciate the balanced flavor and body.”

Cigar: Carlos Torano Master
Size: 5 x 50 (Robusto)
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Nicaragua (Esteli)
Filler: Nicaragua (Esteli & Jalapa)
Twitter: @ToranoFamCigars
Facebook: Charlie Torano
Official Site:

Master by Carlos Torano

Master by Carlos Torano

Appearance and Construction: Looking at the band of the cigar on the samples received at IPCPR  I wonder if these will be the final bands. I wonder this because they don’t fit with the bands that adorn cigars from Torano in the past. As far as the stick itself it has a seamless roll with a simple cap. The wrapper has a few thin veins of which none stand out. There are some faint oils on the Master by Carlos Torano with a little bit of tooth and the cigar feels dense in the hand with no soft spots.

Flavor & Notes: As you know some of the notes I pick up from the pre-light draw are a little bit out there. But this is what I taste. Having shared one with a friend when I suggested the draw reminded me of a tortilla chip, he agreed. The foot was similar but less potent. Once the cigar was lit though you knew you were smoking something special. There was a subtle earth and notes of cedar and spice on the first third also present was some similarities to the prelight notes. As we smoke the 2nd third of the cigar there is a subtle sweetness that borders on cocoa but the dominant note here is cedar. As we finish the final third of the cigar the cedar dominance continues along with some spice and a finish that borders on caramel/cocoa.

Smoking Characteristics: A wonderfully burning cigar that reveals an ash that is both light and dark in color. Unlike other cigars the coloring of the ash was in patches rather then speckles which gave it an interesting look. The draw was as perfect as they come and the aroma of the cigar was incredible. I don’t know if cigars are really beginning to pay attention lately to the aroma or perhaps a recent seminar I attended made me more aware but it seems to me that they are stepping it up a notch lately.

Conclusion: I like it when a cigar can invoke a feeling. As I was smoking this cigar which came off as very traditional I was taken back to a time I have only seen photographs of. I had a mental image of men in suits with fedora hats enjoying a cigar during a time long since forgotten. The Master wasn’t boutique, it wasn’t trendy, it was a cigar or at least what I envision a cigar to be. This is a stick to be smoked when you want to go old school and I hope to walk down that path many times.

Rating: 92
Price: $6.00