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Cigar Review: Primer Mundo Liga Miami


One of the highlights of the IPCPR Trade Show in New Orleans was when I first arrived. You see my hotel room wasn’t ready yet as I arrived about 4 hours before check-in time. So I headed over to a cigar bar on Canal Street to kill some time. I put out on twitter that I arrived in the city and within 20 minutes Sean Williams came over to give me some Primer Mundo cigars to smoke. I was simply blown away that he took time out of his busy day to bring me some smokes.

I had first met the man behind the brand in the fall of 2009 at Cigar Inn in New York City. Sean was in town trying to get his brand into some shops and let me tell you they deserve humidor space. If you ever see an event for these cigars in your neck of the woods stop by especially if Sean is there, because he is one of the nicest guys in the business.

The Liga Miami is made at the El Titan De Bronze factory in Miami where Willy Herrera factory owner worked with Sean Williams to create this new blend. How does the cigar rate? Well read on my friends!

Cigar Review: Viaje 50/50 Red Label


Viaje is one of those cigars that I don’t see many places but when I run across them I always manage to pick some up. I believe the first place I ever saw them was at Little Taste of Cuba in Princeton, NJ after hearing about them for months on the cigar forums. Sadly more people do not know about the brand and I wish finding them was a little bit easier.

Thankfully I got my hands on some at the Twitter BOTL Cocktail Hour in New Orleans as Viaje was nice enough to donate some to the event.

The idea of the 50/50 is placing of two blends within one cigar. The first creation, the 50/50 Black was full and fuller, while this red is supposed to be more of a balanced smoke. The cigar comes in 3 sizes and are called the No. 1 (5.6 x 46), No. 2 (6 x 50), and No. 3 (7 x 47). Each cigar is a Nicaraguan Puro.

Sunday Editorial

As many of you know I’ve been pretty vocal about the CRA. Well in August Glynn agreed to do an interview with me but when I submitted the questions he wasn’t too happy with them so he offered to write an editorial instead. That editorial never came. In the mean time a reader of this [...]

Cigar Review: La Gloria Cubana Serie N


I was thinking of shutting down the website this past week and to be honest I panicked. I have never suffered from writers block in my life because I do not consider myself a writer. I know some people don’t like the self depreciation but all joking aside I do not consider myself one. Well I guess I was wrong because I lost the ability to write and to be creative and it was a bit scary. For the first time in a month I had the urge to update this website instead of forcing myself to do just that.

Today’s update is the La Gloria Cubana Serie N, the N stands for Nicaragua.


After updating the site 3 to 5 times a week for the last two and a half years I’ve decided to take this week off. I’m hoping after a week off I will feel rejuvenated and resume on Monday. Until then I plan to sit back and relax with a cigar instead of writing my [...]

Sunday Links


I know yesterday that I mentioned that NYC is looking to ban outdoor smoking but what I forgot to mention is the fact that there is a public hearing on the matter that needs you to attend. Just about all retailers from NYC are appearing and I am trying to make an adjustment in my schedule to attend.

Join the New York Tobacconist Association at New York State Senate Health Committee Public Hearing this Thursday, September 23, from 10:00am – 12:00pm. The hearing will take place at: The New York State Senate Health Committee Chamber, 250 Broadway, 19th Floor, New York City.

Saturday News


# The Draconian State of New York is at it again and it doesn’t look good for smokers. The New York City Department of Health which once spent 71K on pamphlets to show how to properly use Heroin has deemed that second hand smoke is unsafe even when outdoors. In the coming weeks NYC will be looking to ban outdoor smoking in a variety of locations. If you live in NYC please let your local representative know this is not right, and that come elections we will not stand up for it.
# It doesn’t stop in New York City as Buffalo wants to prevent advertising on tobacco products and enforce a $1000.00 yearly fee for every brand and sub brand they distribute to the city of Buffalo.

Cigar Review: Liga Privada Ünico Serie “Dirty Rat”

Dirty Rat

I was lucky enough to smoke today’s review as both a pre-release and actual release and recently there was some conversation about the cigar coming off different. I hope to answer that question today at least from my own perspective of things.

According to Steve Saka, Drew Estate’s President, “At this point, we have made 200 or more Liga Privada blends. There are probably 9 or 10 of them so far that are exceptional, however their blends differ from both the No. 9 and the T52 branded cigars. They’re cigars that work as a particular size, such as a lancero or corona, with the blend being unique to that particular vitola. The ‘Dirty Rat’ is a great example of this, so we have decided to introduce this as the first cigar in the Ünico line.”

The “Dirty Rat” is a stout 5 inch by 44 ring gauge corona with a fan-twist finished head utilizing their Stalk Cut and Cured, Connecticut Sungrown Habana capa, which is the same wrapper featured on the Liga Privada T52.

Sunday Links


Yes, I know it is hump day but for some odd reason this never posted on Sunday and since I am currently traveling today I figured I would just post it today.

The NFL Season is upon us and I thought I would take the time to post my NFL Predictions before moving on to the Sunday Links. So without further adieu


Cigar Review: My Father Limited Edition 2010


When i first heard about this cigar back in March or so I knew it was something I would have to buy a box of and I knew it would be pricey to say the least. Well thankfully the cigars came in about 100.00 less then I had expected, with a 300.00 price tag in New York for a box of 12. Yes, that is expensive to say the least, but when you factor in that these cigars were bunched by Jaime Garcia and rolled by Jose Pepin Garcia the value of the cigar seems worthwhile. I know some people will ask, can you actually tell the difference, and the answer is yes.

Each cigar comes in its own coffin, and each box is numbered which comes with a DVD and a certificate of authenticity. I also found out that only 5 boxes were allocated per store that ordered these which were limited to 2000 made. Thankfully I have developed a relationship with Danny and the crew from Tobacco Plaza in Long Island, NY and they were nice enough to put a box aside for me.

Saturday News


Last night I attended an event at Tobacco Plaza for the launch of the My Father Limited Edition where I purchased a box of these cigars that were limited to 2000 boxes of 12. What makes these cigars so special is the fact that were rolled by Jose ‘Pepin’ Garcia and his son Jamie Garcia. The wrapper was put on by Jose, and the binder/filler was done Jaime making these very special and collectibles. The purchase set me back $300.00 and to be honest with you I had planned to buy them in Pennsylvania but my work schedule didn’t work out. There these cigars would of cost me a lot less, $75.00 less. However, I don’t feel bad because the guys at Tobacco Plaza are top notch.Watch for a cigar review coming soon.

That wasn’t the only event I went to this week…

News: La Aurora 107 Release Information


The power of social media has yet to be fully understood by many of today’s corporations but the Miami Cigar Company & La Aurora Cigars are doing a good job of harnessing that power. In a campaign that started a few months ago by a group of cigar smokers on Twitter the demand for the 107 Lancero was born. Guillermo Leon, La Aurora Cigars and Miami Cigar Co. have answered that demand, and the day for release is near.

Retailers Only will be able to order this limited edition pre release of 300 boxes. Each box will contain 21 cigars and can only be ordered via Twitter by sending a Direct Message to @miamicigar beginning at 9am Eastern Time on September 13th. These cigars are expected to reach retailers in October.

This historic event marks the first ever 100% Twitter driven promotion for a cigar. Stay tuned to as we hope to have a list of retailers for consumers to purchase this cigar in the near future.

An Interview with Jesus Fuego

I am trying to figure out how I got wrapped up into becoming a true media blogger. First I did a video interview and now an audio interview with Jesus Fuego who was gracious enough to take some time with us to talk about his cigars and the upcoming event at De La Concha on [...]

Cigar Review: Xikar HC Habano Colorado


So 2 weeks ago I had the chance to hang out with Jerry Dear from Xikar over at Cigar Inn in NYC and I enjoyed a nice glass of Ron Zacapa Rum with him as we spoke about cigars, accessories, IPCPR, the Royals, the Chiefs and The Yankees. At the end of the evening Jerry gifted me with a XC 6 x 60 Habano Colorado that I thoroughly enjoyed but didn’t take any notes on it.

Then the next night I headed out to Tobacco Plaza in Great Neck, NY to hang with the Danny & Mike as well as Mr. Dear.

Video: Tatiana Cigars Groovy Blue


There is a reason I do not do video reviews. This video demonstrates exactly why I do not do them. So let me tell you the back story as to what brought us to this point. A few weeks before IPCPR Tatiana joined up on Twitter. I didn’t really expect her to tweet much so I laid down a little dare.. I told her if she tweets X amount of times I would do a video review. Well she did just that. She reached the amount of tweets and I had to do a video review. The original plan was to do at IPCPR with Guillermo Leon & Tatiana. But that never materialized and I finally got the the video shot on Sunday.

Cigar Review: illusione 4/2g Box Press


So while at IPCPR there were a few people I wanted to run into and one of those was Dion Giolito from illusione. I had gone by his booth a couple of times at the trade show to say hello but each time I went by there the booth was packed with people ordering like crazy which I was happy to see. While I am a fan of the cigars I am also a fan of Dion himself as a business person. The way he interacts with his fans is inviting, and he has never been shy to answer a question or two.

At IPCPR we got to talk a little bit during a quick lull and he gifted me with a 4/2g box press. These cigars are currently…

Sunday Links


So it seems some people well one person on twitter has told me that I should rename my blog along the lines of Miami Cigars Blog or something. I don’t get this because while I have grown close to the people at Miami Cigar Company and La Aurora Cigars I still strive to bring a variety of reviews from across the board. It just so happens that MCC had the most new releases under there brand and distribution at this years trade show. I still have to review the Art Deco, La Aurora Corojo, La Aurora 107 Lancero, and La Sirena. Not to mention the video review (which is more of a political statement) of the Tatiana Cigars because I lost a bet to Tatiana.

I am not sure how the masses feel but …

Saturday News!


Labor day weekend and Hurricane Earl has come and gone leaving behind some cool temperatures in the Northeast making it perfect smoking weather. With the start of college football season, the NFL around the corner and the playoff push in baseball it is a great time to be a sports fan. I look forward to spending time in various shops and watching the games with friends. But more importantly some of the new cigars from the convention are starting to appear and that is a very good thing…

* Last night on Twitter…

Cigar Review: Red Lion


The band of the Red Lion denotes that this is the King of Cigars and that alone is enough to leave anyone intrigued. During a recent trip to Tobacco Plaza in Great Neck, NY I heard many of the customers rave about this stick in the 6 x 60 format and it had me curious enough to try. So at a recent visit I picked up a couple to try.

The cigars are made by Heavenly Cigars and to be honest this is a company I knew very little about. I knew they had made flavored cigars and that was about it. According to the press release…

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