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Labor day weekend and Hurricane Earl has come and gone leaving behind some cool temperatures in the Northeast making it perfect smoking weather. With the start of college football season, the NFL around the corner and the playoff push in baseball it is a great time to be a sports fan. I look forward to spending time in various shops and watching the games with friends. But more importantly some of the new cigars from the convention are starting to appear and that is a very good thing…

  • Last night on Twitter @guillermoleon_ announced the launch date for the La Aurora 107 Lancero which was a sought after cigar by those on twitter. There was no plans to release this vitola but fan of the size kept pursuing to issue and the La Aurora Factory is producing 300 boxes. There will be 21 cigars in a box, which is limited to 300. The release date for the cigar is 10/7 and the MSRP is yet to be determined.
  • Olde Punta Gorda Cigar Shop down in Punta Gorda, Florida has their own cigar called Luca Del Toro manufactured under the company name of Los Nietors Cigars. How is this news? So far the cigars have been very well received by the blogging community and there is a buzz being generated by them. We will have a review next week.
  • Not only is NYC talking about banning smoking on city owned beaches, but it appears that town officials in Ocean City, MD are looking to do the same. This saddens me greatly that the government is taking away things I hold near and dear to me.

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  • dmjones1009

    In talking with my local Miami Cigar rep the other day, he said that while the initial release would likely be limited, that would be done in order to gauge customer reception of the cigar. If it sells well enough, it could very well become a regular release, according to him. This could be just rumor and speculation, but it does hint that the job of Team107Lancero is not over with the release of the stick but that we need to keep pushing for it to be a regular, non-limited cigar.

  • WhamIAmTheMan

    good news about the La Aurora 107 Lancero …… i just hope that the price … she is right……….

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  • Joel Sorrentino

    There has been some confusion about the Los Nietos Cigars “Luca Del Toro” this is not a house cigar. This is a boutique brand and only offered at Olde Punta Gorda Cigars and . Hope this clears things up.

    Joel Sorrentino
    Marketing Director
    Los Nietos Cigars

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