Sunday Links

So it seems some people well one person on twitter has told me that I should rename my blog along the lines of Miami Cigars Blog or something. I don’t get this because while I have grown close to the people at Miami Cigar Company and La Aurora Cigars I still strive to bring a variety of reviews from across the board. It just so happens that MCC had the most new releases under there brand and distribution at this years trade show. I still have to review the Art Deco, La Aurora Corojo, La Aurora 107 Lancero and La Sirena. Not to mention the video review (which is more of a political statement) of the Tatiana Cigars because I lost a bet to Tatiana.

I am not sure how the masses feel but as long as I run this blog I will try to provide a spectrum of reviews and news. With that said and done I want to take the time to wish Jason (who handles the @miamicigar twitter account and more) and Tatiana (@tatianacigars) congratulations on their engagement. I wish them a life full of happiness together.

The Sunday Links…

  • Keepers Of The Flame writes a review on the Berger & Argenti Entubar Robusto.
  • Cigar Feed smokes the cigar that has the longest name, La Gloria Cubana Artesanos de Obelisco.
  • Toasted Foot lights up a Paul Garmirian 20th Symphony.
  • Smoking Stogie weighs in on the Carlos Torano Single Region from the Jalapa Valley.