Video: Tatiana Cigars Groovy Blue


There is a reason I do not do video reviews. This video demonstrates exactly why I do not do them. So let me tell you the back story as to what brought us to this point. A few weeks before IPCPR Tatiana joined up on Twitter. I didn’t really expect her to tweet much so I laid down a little dare..  I told her if she tweets X amount of times I would do a video review. Well she did just that. She reached the amount of tweets and I had to do a video review. The original plan was to do it at IPCPR with Guillermo Leon & Tatiana. But that never materialized and I finally got the the video shot on Sunday.

Yes, I know the sound is low but c’est la vie. This turned into a rant about our freedoms and our rights then a cigar review. I mean how do you review a flavored cigar. It tastes like it is supposed to right?

Disclaimer: I know many girls and women smoke premium cigars. I used the example of women based on a lot of experience I have had. If I offended anyone my apologies.

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  • dmjones1009

    And I would add that if an 18-yr old can fight and die for our country, he/she should be able to have a beer afterwards.

    I started out smoking with flavored stuff and occasionally will still have one when non-smokers (like my in-laws) are hanging out on the porch with us.

    Keep up the good fight in the repressive “progressive” state of NY, Barry.

  • Cigar Coop

    Great job Barry. If I’m not mistaken, are there not parts (if not all of New York) that do not allow one to buy a tobacco product until they are 19?

    When does this insanity stop?

  • John Ayala

    Hey Forget about cigars, I want to buy a gun for target shooting as I just got back from the midwest and I Loved It! It cost a fortune here and there is no guarantee you will even get approved! Oh by the way I did buy a carton of cigarettes in Joplin Missouri for 35 !

  • Tom


    Enjoyed the video! And I 100 percent agree with your point of view. Grown adults should have freedom to choose for themselves. We don’t need big brother doing “What is best for us.”

    Those who are anti-cigars or tobacco in general feel hunky dory until the government comes after their interests. Don’t they see it isn’t about smoking. It’s about freedom of choice being taken away from US citizens. Unacceptable.

  • Wham I Am The Man

    all tatiana products = yuck……..barely smokable…….trying to copy Drew Estate…….. don’t think that is going to happen

  • Rubix^3

    So the Tatiana boasts notes of freedom with subtle hints of civil disobedience. Interesting. lol.

  • Travis Lindsay

    Even with the crappy sound that was a great video Barry. Agree 100% on what you were saying about cigar rights. Legislators are going after flavored cigars because they can couch it in “We’re trying to protect the children” terms.

    And if there are any cigar smokers out there that don’t care about the bans on flavored cigars you need to start caring because once flavored cigars are outlawed who do you think they will be going after next?

  • Keith1911

    Great job Barry! I completely agree that we need to support those organizations that are trying to protect our right. But I do think it is a bigger issue. The government shouldn’t be telling an adult how to run their lives.

  • Barry

    Thanks for the comments, being on video is something I am not comfortable with so do not expect many more of these.

  • Timothy

    I vote for more video reviews.

  • WhamIAmTheMan

    Barry, what was the lighter you used to fire up the cigar? It sure did a good (and fast) job of lighting….

    And I agree with everyone else……great job on the video… hope you do more of them………

  • RogerDandy


    This is the only cigar video I’ve ever enjoyed. Great job man. You actually look comfortable. You should do more of these with a more serious note like a review. Good work man.


  • 4Wheeldrive

    Yeah Brother! Preach it!

    Keep speaking the truth and keep herfing.

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