Video: Tatiana Cigars Groovy Blue

There is a reason I do not do video reviews. This video demonstrates exactly why I do not do them. So let me tell you the back story as to what brought us to this point. A few weeks before IPCPR Tatiana joined up on Twitter. I didn’t really expect her to tweet much so I laid down a little dare..  I told her if she tweets X amount of times I would do a video review. Well she did just that. She reached the amount of tweets and I had to do a video review. The original plan was to do it at IPCPR with Guillermo Leon & Tatiana. But that never materialized and I finally got the the video shot on Sunday.

Yes, I know the sound is low but c’est la vie. This turned into a rant about our freedoms and our rights then a cigar review. I mean how do you review a flavored cigar. It tastes like it is supposed to right?

Disclaimer: I know many girls and women smoke premium cigars. I used the example of women based on a lot of experience I have had. If I offended anyone my apologies.