Cigar Review: Xikar HC Habano Colorado


So 2 weeks ago I had the chance to hang out with Jerry Dear from Xikar over at Cigar Inn in NYC and I enjoyed a nice glass of Ron Zacapa Rum with him as we spoke about cigars, accessories, IPCPR, the Royals, the Chiefs and The Yankees. At the end of the evening Jerry gifted me with a XC 6 x 60 Habano Colorado that I thoroughly enjoyed but didn’t take any notes on it.

Then the next night I headed out to Tobacco Plaza in Great Neck, NY to hang with the Danny & Mike as well as Mr. Dear. It was my intention to buy some more 6 x 60 Xikar cigars. Well, they sold out by the time I got there. But as luck would have it I received a 3 pack of the 6 x 60 in each of their wrappers, Habano Colorado, Connecticut and Criollo. This time I sad down and took notes.

According to Mr. Dear the HC 6 x 60 cigars are re-blended going a notch up in the filler components. This allows the cigar to take on similar character to the small sizes and the bigger ring gauges tend to dilute the blend due to the lack of wrapper to filler ratio. The Xikar HC Habano Colorado is blended by Jesus Fuego and was in Cigar Afficianado’s Top 25 of 2009 where it was rated 92. Do we at think this vitola is deserving of the same rating?

Cigar: Xikar Havana Collection Colorado Habano
Size: 6 x 60
Wrapper: Habano Colorado – Jalapa Valley
Binder: Nicaragua – Esteli
Filler: Costa Rica, Nicaragua – Jalapa, Honduras
Twitter: @XikarKVK
Facebook: Xikar For Life
Official Site:

HC Habano Colorado

HC Habano Colorado

Appearance and Construction: The Habano Colorado wrapper is cocoa in color and it has a lot of thin veins throughout with one medium sized vein that stands out slightly. There is a nice oily sheen about the stick that feels heavy in the hand. The roll was a little porous and the cap slightly off center. But alas I am being a tad critical as it never effected the burn of the cigar. The stick utilizes a dual band system with the HC logo at the top and the foot band denoting the wrapper. Overall, not a bad looking stick.

Flavor & Notes: The foot of the cigar was slightly musky with notes of oak while the pre-light draw served up some raisins and oak. Once the cigar was lit, and that is a task when you light up a 60 ring gauge smoke the notes were wood, spices and chocolate. The chocolate notes tended to linger as we worked our way though the first third. During the 2nd third of the smoke some rich spices come into play complimenting the delicious chocolate notes that continue to be the focal point. Some spices remain as the cigar takes on a leathery finish with some traces of sweetness.

Smoking Characteristics: A slow burning cigar that is due in part to its 60 ring gauge that took me 2 enjoyable hours to finish. The light gray ash was strong and held on very well. The draw of the cigar was ideal and the significant volume of smoke produce was enjoyable.

Conclusion: I said it before and I will say it again. I am not a fan of the  60 ring gauge and that is mainly by the lack of flavor in comparison to their smaller counterparts. Well, it seems as if this cigar slapped me in the face as was just as flavorful if not more so then more traditional sizes. Hands down the best 60 ring gauge I have ever smoked and  I would buy these in a heartbeat.

Rating: 93
Price: $9.50