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Last night I attended an event at Tobacco Plaza for the launch of the My Father Limited Edition where I purchased a box of these cigars that were limited to 2000 boxes of 12. What makes these cigars so special is the fact that were rolled by Jose ‘Pepin’ Garcia and his son Jamie Garcia. The wrapper was put on by Jose, and the binder/filler was done Jaime making these very special and collectibles. The purchase set me back $300.00 and to be honest with you I had planned to buy them in Pennsylvania but my work schedule didn’t work out. There these cigars would of cost me a lot less, $75.00 less. However, I don’t feel bad because the guys at Tobacco Plaza are top notch.Watch for a cigar review coming soon.

That wasn’t the only event I went to this week, on Thursday my regular shop of Fume Cigars in Montclair, NJ hosted a La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor that was a little bit strange. For every3 Ashton cigars you bought you got a free Mi Amor. What made it strange was the cigar was served on a plate with dark chocolate, almonds and a sprinkling of coconut. A review of the Mi Amor can be read here.

Also this week Padron launched the Family Reserve No. 46 at the Grand Havana room in NYC. The cigar will begin to hit retailers soon and carry a $25.00 suggested price tag before taxes.


With today being 9/11 I find myself reflecting back on the morning of my generations Pearl Harbor. I was off that day and sleeping in late when my good friend Ellen called me in a panic that a plane flew into the first towers. Not sure what to make of it I tuned into the news where there weren’t quite sure if it was a commercial jet or private jet. As they were talking the second plane hit the towers and I knew this was an attack on freedom. The day did not stop there as third plane crashed into the Pentagon and a 4th plane crashed in the fields of Pennsylvania.

It was a day that left me in shock. I live about 7 miles south by southeast of the towers and after the towers collapsed papers from the buildings landed in my backyard. Documents from companies, and department memo’s which I still have to this day. It is important that on this day we

Always Remember, Never Forget

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  • WhamIAmTheMan

    Barry, you are absolutely correct………… we can NEVER FORGET

  • Wolfgang v. J.

    Well i just had the luck to aquire a couple box of the “My Father Limited Edition 2010 Toro 6.1/2 52″ The Smoke was great !!! I mean wow after i had one the owner was kind enough to sell me his last box, a $390 set back and i guaranty that those are worth well over $800- $1000 in the next 2 years, great work by the Garcia’s, contact me i may let one go for the right price, Wolfgang

  • H.Omour

    I just picked up 2 boxes from a gentleman in Spring Hill, Fl of all places for $450 a box and it was well worth it! I should have taken all four boxes he had.

  • 4Wheeldrive

    Hey guys, I would just settle for a 5 pack, if I could find them here in Ohio.

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