Cigar Review: My Father Limited Edition 2010


When i first heard about this cigar back in March or so I knew it was something I would have to buy a box of and I knew it would be pricey to say the least. Well thankfully the cigars came in about 100.00 less then I had expected, with a 300.00 price tag in New York for a box of 12. Yes, that is expensive to say the least, but when you factor in that these cigars were bunched by Jaime Garcia and rolled by Jose Pepin Garcia the value of the cigar seems worthwhile.  I know some people will ask, can you actually tell the difference, and the answer is yes.

Each cigar comes in its own coffin,  and each box is numbered which comes with a DVD and a certificate of authenticity. I also found out that only 5 boxes were allocated per store that ordered these which were limited to 2000 made. Thankfully I have developed a relationship with Danny and the crew from Tobacco Plaza in Long Island, NY and they were nice enough to put a box aside for me. TP has become one of my favorite cigar shops because of the great selection, knowledgeable staff and eclectic group of people who hang out at the shop.

Cigar: My Father Limited Edition 2010
Size: 6.5 x 52
Wrapper: Hybrid Ecuadorian Habano Rosado Criollo
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Twitter: @JannyGarcia
Facebook: My Father Cigar
Official Site:

Appearance and Construction: The first thing that catches your eye are the 2 large over sized bands on the cigar. The first band is the traditional My Father artwork, while the 2nd band denotes that is the limited edition. There are a lot of intricacies to the second band that make it a true work of art. But once you get past the bands you notice that this cigar looks special. The roll is perfect from foot to cap but I was surprised by how many veins the wrapper was. There was a fair amount of oils present, and the stick was very dense between my fingers. There was a subtle sponginess to the cigar as well.

Flavor & Notes: The foot of the cigar has a slight sweetness to it hidden underneath the cedar notes while the draw of the cigar the two were fairly well mixed. Once I lit the cigar the first thing I notice was how thick the notes were. They weren’t overpowering, but they had a syrup like feel to them. The first third offered up some notes of cedar and nuts with a some spice and as this portion of the cigar came to a close a sweetness was slowly beginning to form. As the second third of the cigar was smoked the sweetness became a well defined caramel that slowly took over the cigar while the cedar and nuts were sent to the background. The final third of the cigar the notes of caramel became so profound that it had me salivating and wishing the experience wasn’t coming to a close. The notes of wood, nuts and touch of earth provided a canvas for the caramel masterpiece that left me wanting to smoke another.

Smoking Characteristics: This slow burning cigar almost had me smoking it faster then I should of because of how delicious it was and it took me a little over 90 minutes to smoke. The cigar burned very event and had a nice solid medium gray ash that held on oh so strong. There draw was as perfect as they come but was I really to expect otherwise based on who rolled these? Finally, the cigar produced a nice thick smoke that smelled familiar to the nose but I was never quite able to place it.

Conclusion: Maybe it was just me, but these cigars just felt different, smoked different and even looked different then many cigars. It almost took on characteristics from Jose and Jaime Garcia and their labor of love was somehow absorbed by the tobacco. I know this, the experience of the My Father Limited Edition was different then many cigars I smoked and while I might not score it a 100, this could be the best cigar I have ever smoked, bar none. Was it worth the 300.00 for the box? Yes it was and I never would of expected to admit a cigar was worth that high of a price tag.

Rating: 97
Price: $25.00 a stick (in NYC)

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  • Joe Treff

    Great review, I’ll be tossing one up tomorrow or the day after. This truly is a wonderful cigar brought to you by wonderful people. You can taste their intentions and their passion; I would feel bad if I missed out on this cigar.

  • jitzy

    Great review I’m looking forward to trying them soon and I’m glad now that I have some coming.

  • Chief Hava

    I need some of these….if anyone has a line on a box, or wants to split one (without the crazy taxes) let me know. @chiefhava

    Great review.

  • tx_tuff

    Sounds like a great cigar and a great idea by My Father cigars to have them two roll the cigars themselves. Would be nice if they came out with the same cigar made in the factory at a cheaper price.

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  • 4Wheeldrive

    Great Review and I am not sure if it’s worth $25 a stick. But then again, you don’t know until you herf one, so the hunt is on!

  • BigBoy

    Great review. I got a box arriving next week based on Garcia Family’s previous success with limited or special cigars.

  • Blues Guitar

    It goes without saying, if Pepin is behind it, good things can be expected.

    Pete Johnson fared well to hook up with the Pepin family on his line of cigars (Tatuaje).

    The tatuaje 7th natural in my opinion is one of the finest cigars money can find and this comes from one who has enjoyed Cubans galore and about everything else coming and going.

    Bottom line, to find such a high review on My Fathers cigar only seems natural.

    The result of truly putting one’s self into a product.

    Conrats to the Garcia family.


  • scratch

    So is this a different blend than the original My Father line? I wasn’t impressed with the original, and from your previous review it doesn’t seem like you were either (scoring it an 88).

  • Jungle Joel

    I have 3 boxes of My father limited edition ,I have not tried one yet..I do not see how they can possibly be better than the Padron 1926 80 year, but I will soon find out.

  • Sirsmokealot

    That was a great review one of the best I have read. I have smoked over 30 thousand cigars and I fined this cigar to be a perfect cigar if ever a 100 point cigar if there ever was one!

  • Brian

    Okay, so I am a bit upset about their “limited edition” release. I went to a cigar store in Arizona (that happens to have a Pepin lounge, btw), and saw a few boxes matching the same one that I bought about a month earlier (mine was 1977 of 2000). The ones for sale didn’t have the tag, but still had the wrapper, the limited edition, and identical coffins and box style. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of buying the Limited Release stuff?

  • Stephen

    Let’s smoke in Coachella, CA carries two boxes, and also a baseball bat MF? Anyone ever heard of them in that size?

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  • Jason

    If you still have a box of the 2010 My Father Limited Edition I would be interested in buying it from you. Just let me know. Thanks.


  • Barry

    We do not sell cigars, sorry Jason.

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