Saturday News

  • The Draconian State of New York is at it again and it doesn’t look good for smokers. The New York City Department of Health which once spent 71K on pamphlets to show how to properly use Heroin has deemed that second hand smoke is unsafe even when outdoors. In the coming weeks NYC will be looking to ban outdoor smoking in a variety of locations. If you live in NYC please let your local representative know this is not right, and that come elections we will not stand up for it.
  • It doesn’t stop in New York City as Buffalo wants to prevent advertising on tobacco products and enforce a $1000.00 yearly fee for every brand and sub brand they distribute to the city of Buffalo.
  • In more positive news La Aurora Cigars launched the new Guillermo Leon signature yesterday with events throughout Florida that saw specials unheard of in the premium cigar industry. If you bought a box, you got 20 cigars free. Now that my friends was an amazing deal!

On a side note, I got to spend the day in Miami this past week and spent some time with my good friends at Miami Cigar & Company and I went to many shops. As you know there is a tremendous Cuban influence in the city. While I do not want this blog to become overly political they all voiced the same thoughts. The USA is moving towards socialism and I agree with their comments. Friends, it is important that we get out to vote and make sure that our rights are protected and to put a stop toward the movement if you so feel inclined. Your vote is your choice, but make sure you know the issues at hand from both sides of the aisle before you make your choice. With primaries behind us in most states its time to get educated.

Long ashes my friends!