After updating the site 3 to 5 times a week for the last two and a half years I’ve decided to take this week off.

I’m hoping after a week off I will feel rejuvenated and resume on Monday.

Until then I plan to sit back and relax with a cigar instead of writing my thoughts and opinions.

See you Monday

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  • Straight Up Cigars

    Good idea Barry. The last thing you want is for updates to become tedious. Enjoy the time off!

  • Tom

    A well deserved break. I’ll keep an eye out for your return.

  • CigarCraig

    I certainly understand the time and commitment it takes to maintian your site. You deserve a break so that you can find your passion for it again. If it becomes a job it’s not as much fun (and the pay isn’t that great, is it?). Sit back and relax, have a cigar for the sake of having a cigar.

  • Israel

    Well deserved vacation. enjoy, Barry.

  • Rubix^3

    I will miss reading posts this week, but you deserve time off, and like the rest of us, time to enjoy a cigar free from any other concern other than its full enjoyment. Let the mind wander.
    And return refreshed. Also, be encouraged. You write the best cigar blog imo, and have turned me on to many cigars. I look forward to your return. Thanks, and Cheers.

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