Cigar Review: La Gloria Cubana Serie N


I was thinking of shutting down the website this past week and to be honest I panicked. I have never suffered from writers block in my life because I do not consider myself a writer. I know some people don’t like the self depreciation but all joking aside I do not consider myself one. Well I guess I was wrong because I lost the ability to write and to be creative and it was a bit scary. For the first time in a month I had the urge to update this website instead of forcing myself to do just that.

Today’s update is the La Gloria Cubana Serie N, the N stands for Nicaragua. At the IPCPR in August I was taken around the General Booth by Victoria who went the extra mile to welcome some bloggers and to take the time to pitch the product, tell us about the new outlook and introduce us to the brand managers. I was treated the same way that David Savona was from Cigar Aficionado and this made me feel good. it also told me that I must be doing something right.

According to a press release, “This striking new collection will debut in October with four exciting new frontmarks. The Serie N JSB (5 ½” x 54) will be available for a suggested retail price of $6.30 per cigar, while the Serie N 46 frontmark (6 ½” x 46) will sell for $6.20 per cigar. The Serie N 49 (5 ¾” x 49) will carry an SRP of $6.00 per cigar, and the Serie N 58 (6 ½” x 58) will sell for $7.10 per cigar.”

Cigar: La Gloria Cubana Serie N
Size: 5 ½” x 54
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Twitter: @LaGloriaCigars
Facebook: La Gloria Cubana
Official Site:

Appearance and Construction: When I read this was an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper I had to do a triple take. This wrapper is dark, oscuro dark. In fact it borders on black. The roll of the cigar has a lot of bumps and valleys giving it the appearance of a mountain range on a desk globe. The roll is virtually seamless though with nice looking cap. There are minimal veins and a nice oily sheen but I am skeptical to the stick being dyed. The band on the cigar is the classic La Gloria logo with an interwoven N.

Flavor & Notes: The pre-light draw of the cigar has a nice raisin, molasses and maple syrup to it. While the foot of the cigar is a shadow of that with a touch of honey. The pre-light has a lot going on and it has me intrigued. Once the cigar is lit there is an earthy component present with a black cherry like sweetness lingering as well. As the first third comes to a close some molasses notes begin to scratch the surface. As the second third begins and the ash is still holding strong I begin to pick up some of those pre-light notes of molasses and maple syrup mixed in with some earth notes. The second third closes out with a touch of leather and mocha. The final third of the cigar has a nice amount of spice through the nose while the remaining notes are black cherry, leather, and a touch of wood.

Smoking Characteristics: The cigar had a very fluid draw with an ample amount of smoke being produced with an outstanding aroma. The ash was strong and held for half the cigar before it fell off and was a medium gray in color. The burn was perfect, and remained lit until I put it down.

Conclusion: One of the better cigars I have smoked from General Cigars and to be honest I might reach for this again on a semi regular basis. It was tasty, had a solid burn, and was enjoyable. The first batch of these cigars will have the letter N on the wrapper using a lighter shade of tobacco which should make for a nice visual.

Rating: 89
Price: $6.30

Dislclaimer: These samples were given to me for free from the fine folks at General Cigar and my typo’s have been left in for your amusement.

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  • CigarCraig

    Barry, I too was impressed with the treatment I received at the General booth, Victoria and here people really made me feel welcome. It was one of the highlights of my brief visit at the show (also notable was making your acquaintance!). I can’t wait to smoke this cigar. The presentation is incredible and I really look forward to seeing these on my tobacconist shelves.

  • Timothy

    Nice to see you’re not retiring.

  • Gus

    Nice job Barry, I already added this one in my list.

  • JoshK

    Glad to see you reviewing again Barry. I would enjoy seeing your posts the same, even if they where less frequent.

  • tx_tuff

    Sounds like a pretty good smoke, but why not a 5 x 50? I think every cigar should have a 5×50 Robusto LOL. Anyway I will have to give it a try, I’m sure retailers are going to hate those boxes.

  • Barry

    Frank (tx_tuff),

    I mentioned the boxes being an issue in cigar shops and I wqs shown how they can be displayed in a honeycomb layout. Where you can get 4 boxes in the width of 2 normal boxes. I was impressed. But I agree, give me a more traditional box!

  • Billy Da KiD

    Barry,I am glad you didnt shut down the site. every writer goes through some type of writers block some way or another.this is one of the best cigar pages on the internet right now with good reviews and information on cigars. you shutting down this site would be like taking out the old testament in the bible…!!! If you get writters block sit back light a cigar up and get your head in the game buddy.. and if the site goes down im going to have to do my best to throw you a beating when i see you!!!LOL jk, but keep up the work and keep the reviews coming barry!!!!! and thanks for bringing in a better selection to the shop!!!!

    –BiLLy Da KiD

  • TSB_Paul

    The wrapper’s not an Ecuadorian Sumatra, well the embossed ‘N’ is, however the wrapper is a Nicaraguan Capa Oscuro.

  • jim

    This review is EXCATLY what I’m getting out of this cigar as I smoke it for the first time right now. I too am skeptical of a dye job on this which bums me out a bit but I do like the cigar enough to smoke again.

    Nice job Barry

  • lamar

    all hail serie N!

  • Matt

    There’s a coupon in the latest Cigar Aficionado for a free Serie N cigar. My local store was unaware that they were participating, but they relented after calling the manager.

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