Saturday News


Well it seems that a scheduled trip to the Rocky Patel factory through De La Concha in New York City has had some cancellations and if you are interested in going to visit Rocky Patel check out this entry over at the Ron Melendi Blog. As of Wednesday there were 7 slots available and It does not matter where you reside to book this trip.

Also in New York City is a scheduled hearing on the outdoor smoking ban that would ban smoking in pedestrian plazas, beaches, and city owned parks. What bothers me the most about this is that once the plan was first announced there has been no sighting of any of the tobacco groups in the mainstream news other then a debate on the local news channel New York 1. When the ban of smoking was introduced in bars and restaurants there was a flood of news articles about the false reports on second hand smoke, and soundbytes against the bill on the news constantly. To this date there is still talk about the ban and how bars should be allowed to purchase a smoking license. Well this current bill, I am telling so many people about the proposal and they are clueless to it being a possibility. Sadly though I have a source that says a deal has already been reached and that the ban has an agreement behind closed doors. However, if you want to go down and be heard at the hearing the info can be found here.

Sadly the Nosotros from Illusione is no more. According to a press release the partnership between Johnathan and Dion has died in the factory. Not everyone is sad to see the Nosotros go. Numerous retailers in the NY/NJ area have told me they are disappointed with sales and even requested a refund on unopened boxes. One was even told that the cigar was going to be re-blended and fixed. I am sure Dion will rebound from this project as his line of cigars are outstanding.

Even more New York News as the first of many new cigars that are for New York Brick & Mortars only. The first new one comes from Alec Bradley and it features a Criollo ’98 wrapper and binder. The classic looking retro band features the top of the Empire State Building which should draw some attention to them in a humidor.  The cigar comes in five sizes, each retailing for $11.00 to $13.50, a price that includes the New York tax. There will be cigars measuring 5 1/4 inches by 52 ($11.00); 6 by 54 ($12.75); 7 by 50 ($12.75); a 6 by 58 ($13.50) and a 6 1/8 by 54 torpedo ($13.00). This isn’t the only cigar produced by Alec Bradley which features the Criollo ’98 wrapper and binder. The Old School Cigar GR8 features the same wrapper and binder which is made by Alec Bradley for Old School Cigars/Tobacco Plaza on Long Island.

On a commentary note, one has to wonder why this cigar was made. I thought the whole idea of the New York blends were to offer a less expensive smoke to help retailers keep customers who have been priced out of the market. Having a cigar that cost $11.00 to $13.50 before sales tax just seems to defeat the purpose.