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When people ask me what I thought the best cigar was at IPCPR I usually answer one of two cigars. One of which is today’s review, the La Aurora Corojo. Sadly though I had no idea this cigar was coming out til I got one at the booth of the trade show. My focus was on the Guillermo Leon Signature and I hope this one does not get lost in the shuffle of my fellow smokers.

The La Aurora Corojo comes in 5 different sizes. The Aurora #4 (5.25 x 43), Belicoso (6.25 x 52), Double Corona (7.5 x 50), Gran Corona (6.5 x 50) and the Robusto (5 x 50). MSRP is $5.60 to 6.80 a cigar before any taxes.

Cigar: La Aurora Corojo
Size: 5 x 50 (Robusto)
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Corojo
Binder: Ecuadoian Sumatra
Filler: Dominican Cubano, Dominican Olor, Nicaraguan Habano ’00
Twitter: @laauroracigars
Facebook: La Aurora Cigars
Official Site:

Appearance and Construction: The La Aurora Corojo cigar features a gorgeous looking reddish brown wrapper with no blemishes, over-sized veins, or any imperfections. The cigar has a nice weight to it with no soft spots to be found while the foot reveals a nice bunching. The band is the simplistic classic looking red, white and gold La Aurora logo which reminds me a bit of a fireman’s logo. At the rate I have been burning these sticks I could be labeled an arsonist of the tobacco variety.

Flavor & Notes: Once I clipped the cap and spent 2 hours looking for matches (yes, i it would of been easy to just go to the store and buy a lighter but I can be stubborn at times) it was time to smoke another one for review. The cold draw offers up some spice, raisin and a faint molasses while the foot of the cigar is spicy. Once lit the cigar has a slight spice to it, as well as notes of cedar and a slight raisin. Through the nose the cigar a nice spice to it that heightens some cinnamon notes as the cigar enters the second third. The second third has some aforementioned notes of cinnamon but is also joined by a nuttiness and continued cedar. As the approach the final third of the cigar the notes remain of cedar and spice with an occasional wisp of cinnamon.

Smoking Characteristics: The burn of the cigar was even til almost the end of the cigar. In the last third I needed to touch it up some as it slightly canoed on me, but this is what lighters are for right? The cigar I smoked courtesy of my local rep this past Thursday burned like a dream  so I am not really worried about that imperfection in the burn. The dark color ash held very well and I had to double tap it around the second half to break it off. I did so so I wouldn’t wind up with a pile of ash on the floor. The draw was perfect from start to finish.

Conclusion: I really enjoyed this cigar a lot from the first time i smoked it and of all the cigars I smoked so far from IPCPR this is in my top two even if the score doesn’t reflect it. There are a lot of factor that come into play in stating such. The profile is right up my alley, and the price is right. I just hope with all the stuff coming out from my friends at La Aurora and Miami Cigar that this doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

Rating: 90
Price: $6.00

Disclaimer: This cigar was gifted to me by Miami Cigars & La Aurora Cigars both of whom I have developed a close friendship with. Despite this my reviews are as I see (taste) them, and invite you respond with your thoughts. As always the typo’s and spelling mistakes have been left in this review for your amusement.

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  • JoshK


    Do you know if its just the wrapper that is different then then the regular La Aurora line or if has the filler changed too?

  • Barry

    It’s different… The regular La Aurora line has a Cameroon wrapper, and the Filler/Binder is Dominican.

  • Robert

    La Aurora seems to be on a roll. This sounds like an excellent smoke. Just a note: I really like the way your individual personality comes out in your reviews. It’s sometimes good for a laugh (like those matches – as a fellow stubborn person, I can relate!), but mostly it’s just more entertaining than reading a purely clinical-sounding review. So, thanks for that…

  • dmjones1009

    Good to hear that this is another potential winner…I have one waiting in my humi, just haven’t had time to get to it yet, and I wondered how it would be in light of the fact that so many other new sticks from Miami Cigar & Co came out at the same time and this got virtually no press. I wonder if this one should have been delayed a few months to avoid being lost in the shuffle. I know I had not even heard of it until I was in California; my buddy, Keith, lit one up then the shop owner gave me one to try before we left.

  • Tony P.

    Good review. You just left out one thing. What was the flavor/strength of the stick, mild, medium, or full?

  • Barry

    DOH!, Its a Medium bodied cigar, full flavor.

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  • Afeschyn

    Nice review.  I’m starting to pay more attention to La Aurora.  Last night I smoked a Preferido (Ecuador).  I like the Guillermo Leon line.  It’s nice to smoke a La Aurora with some omph.  I enjoy some of the the Nestor Miranda stuff, too–e.g., Special Selection (Rosado wrapper), the Art Deco, and the 1989 (Rosado).  Can you please tell us what other cigar from IPCPR you rated so highly?

  • Peter G

    Sure thing! Barry had a couple cigars from the 2011 IPCPR that were 90+ here are a few you can check out!
    Anytime you have any questions or are interested in a review on a cigar we don’t have up feel free to email me at I always love hearing from readers.

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