Cigar Review: Torano Single Region

Back at the trade show I was given samples along with Jerry Cruz from Stogie Review as Bruce Lewis took us around the Torano booth. One of those samples that I loved and  reviewed a few weeks ago was the Torano Master. The following week I broke out the samples for today’s review and sadly both of them were plugged. I wasn’t going to mention this on the website because the Torano Family was nice enough to send me more samples. Don’t worry about those samples being plugged because storage and weather at IPCPR New Orleans was less then optimal. I only mention this because I saw a few people mention draw issues from the show samples, and I wanted people to know that the second samples I got were perfect.

Back in April Bruce M. Lewis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, explains the birth of the concept: “I have always had an interest in the single region concept and how crucial it is to wine and coffee. In early 2008, I suggested to President Charlie Toraño that we experiment with blends of tobacco from only one farm. We soon realized blending such a cigar was not an easy task. Now, however, I know we have truly captured the characteristics and taste profile of tobacco grown in Jalapa.”

The Single Region – Serie Jalapa’s three sizes are: 5″ x 52 Robusto, 6″ x 54 Toro Grande and 7″ x 50 Churchill, with a suggested retail of $6.50-6.95.

Cigar: Torano Single Region Serie Jalapa
Size: 5 x 50 (Robusto)
Wrapper: Nicaragua (Jalapa Valley)
Binder: Nicaragua (Jalapa Valley)
Filler: Nicaragua (Jalapa Valley)
Twitter: @ToranoFamCigars
Facebook: Charlie Torano
Official Site:

Appearance and Construction: The wrapper of the Torano Single Region had a nice color to it with a seamless roll and only a few ultra thein veins. The stick had an abundance of oils showing and felt heavy to the touch. Upon inspection of the foot I was impressed with this bunching of the tobacco and how well packed it appeared to the naked eye. There is a dual band system in place with both of them being simple.

Flavor & Notes: The prelight draw offered up a syrupy sweetness with  touch of raisin and a subtle cedar while the foot offered a soft cedar to the nose. Once the cigar was lit (today, I used sulfur free matches) the first third of the smoke had a sweet maple syrup no to it was a touch of chocolate and wood that lingered in the background. As we progressed to the second third of the cigar the sweetness faded away leaving a dominant note of leather and mocha. The final third of the smoke continued with leather and mocha with a touch of cedar.

Smoking Characteristics: The Torano Family Single Region Serie Jalapa reveals a stong firm dark ash and a razor sharp burn line. This time around the draw was perfect. The cigar produced a little bit less of a volume of smoke I personally prefer but it was adequate to say the least. The aroma was spicy and inviting.

Conclusion: While not as good as the Master by Torano the Single Region is an enjoyable cigar that experienced cigar smokers might find a little bit to one dimensional. For me this medium bodied smoke was enjoyable and while not being complex it left me satisfied in the end.

Rating: 88
Price: $6.50

Disclaimer: I was gifted many samples by Torano at IPCPR and they were nice enough to send me a second batch to use for this review. As always the typo’s and spelling mistakes have been left in this review for your amusement.