Commentary: New York Smoking Bans


This past weekend I got to watch the Columbus day Parade which took place in the Bronx, NY. My cigar smoking friends and I  made sure to let Bloomberg know how we felt about his bullying of smokers by being lit up and smoking as he passed us. As he was waving twice to the left, and twice to the right he strolled down Morris Park Avenue when he reached my small group of friends. He took one look at us and waved 4 times to the left, waiting til he was past us before resuming his waves to the right. We stood there, and did not heckle nor boo him. We stood there together cigars in mouth, and not one person next to us complained about us smoking.

Sadly, this Thursday in New York City a hearing is being held that would limit smoking in NYC. Soon we will not be allowed to smoke in Times Square, Beaches and Parks unless we act now. It’s time to stop being passive and it’s time to make a stand because we are being chastised for using a legal product.

I pay taxes just like most Americans and the use of those tax dollars allows local, state and federal government to take care of the parks and beaches. Yet despite being a taxpayer the city of New York wants to tell me I can’t smoke a legal product in a public venue. To me this is not fair, and I question whether it is legal to withhold the use of public land for the use of a legal product.

I am sure that a bus stuck in traffic, the DOT tar plants, and the sanitation trucks  to name a few in NYC all provide a far greater health risk then the one of smoke in the air OUTDOORS.

Sign the petition and let them know how you feel!