It’s Time To Speak Up…

Over the last few days I have spoken to my good friend Gary J. Artz about the CRA, Cigar Rights, and everything under the sun about cigar smoking, America and our rights in general. We have also spoken about the things that friends normally chat about. I respect his view on the CRA and I look forward to his next article on The Arzt of Cigars where he tackles the anonymous posting about the CRA that appeared on my site the other day.

Despite our differences on the CRA and a friendly debate on various issues concerning the group we both agree that it is the only game in town and they provide a voice for us when we cannot get an audience. I think that many people take my writings about the CRA as a call to boycott the group when that is not the case. I try to point out the things that are wrong and need to change. If people view the CRA as t-shirts and baseball caps, then there is something wrong. And while I might feel strongly about issues with the CRA I want to see them changed and for the group to flourish. It does bother me when people say I am a part of the problem because I challenge the CRA. Going with the status quo is what got us into this mess, and I refuse to let that be the case.

Gary also pointed me to the following advertisement from Litto Gomez and the words should ring loud and clear to cigar smokers around this great country of ours.

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If you have not yet done so, please sign the CRA/NYTA petition to stop the New York City proposed banning of smoking outdoors in city parks, beaches and pedestrian malls.