Cigar Review: La Aurora 107 Lancero

I know I have reviewed the La Aurora 107 in multiple sizes in the past but today’s cigar is something special as it was conceived through twitter. Allow me to explain. When I went to the Dominican Republic we got to smoke many 107 cigars at the La Aurora Factory and we got to smoke the Corona sized 107 before they came out and in passing someone asked if the would be a lancero. Well fast forward a couple of months and the movement began in earnest. A group of people on twitter began to ask @guillermoleon_ for a lancero and after some thought he caved in to the demand of the people.

One of the most approachable owners in the cigar business is Guillermo Leon a man I am happy to call a friend in the truest sense of the word has released the La Aurora 107 Lancero in limited quantity. The first batch is 300 boxes and whether or not this becomes a larger release is still up in the air. As a fan of the lancero I hope it becomes larger, but with the explosion of interest in the larger ring gauges one has to wonder if it make sense for a an extended release in this vitola.

These cigars were available only to retailers on Twitter, so finding them in local shops will be hard. The following shops that I know have these, Tobacco Plaza Great Neck, NY; Fume Cigar Montclair, NJ; Buckhead Cigar (mail order welcome) Atlanta, GA; Bonita Smoke Shop (mail order welcome) Bonita Springs, FL; Gloucester Street Cigar Boston, MA; De La Concha New York, NY; Burning Leaf Chicago, IL; Tobacco Locker North Port, FL; Burns Tobacconist Chattanooga, TN.

Cigar: La Aurora 107
Size: 6.875 x 40 (Lancero)
Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic & Nicaragua
Strength: Medium/Full
Facebook: La Aurora Cigars
Twitter: @laauroracigars

La Aurora 107 Lancero

La Aurora 107 Lancero

Appearance and Construction: The ugly ducking is how I would describe many lancero smokes. The reason is because most wrappers are full of veins, some of which are hideous. The 107 Lancero while not full of veins does have some of note, and in this particular review stick you can notice one in the picture near the cap. When you are rolling a cigar 7″ long it’s kind of hard to not have some veins in the way. But luckily my experience has been these are just visual issues not smoking issues in terms of wrapper. The cigar has a decent roll for a lancero, with a small pig tail cap that I wouldn’t of minded seeing larger and there is an abundance of oils present as well.

Flavor & Notes : Todays cigar is number 22 in the amount of  107 Lancero  I have smoked since last week. The Twitter Cigar starts off with a cold draw of citrus and earth, while the foot offers up spice. Once the cigar is lit the evolution of notes pick up slowly and reach maturation over the course of the smoke. Once the cigar is lit there are notes of rich syrup, citrus with some cedar notes. About an inch into the cigar the cigar loses the syrup feel and nuts and cedar become the focal point along with some orange zest that seems to linger on the finish. As we transition into the second third of the cigar the notes become a core of earth, cedar, and nuts with a subtle sweetness that teases but never fully develops. The final third continues with notes of cedar and nuts, but they seem to be even more ramped up then the first part of the cigar and there is a slight citrus present as well.

Smoking Characteristics: To date everyone of my 107 Lancero have been a carbon copy in terms of characteristics. The burn line is jagged but often self correcting into razor sharp. The draw has been perfect with a slight resistance and the cigars stay lit all the way through except for the one I smoked last night which needed to be re-lit twice. There is a nice amount of smoke being produced for a lancero with a nice aroma that was commented on by those around me. The lancero can be a difficult vitola to roll perfectly and over the years I have gotten some real duds, but this one is done right.

Conclusion: I had a conversation with Boram from Buckhead Cigar about our initial thoughts and we both agree that the 107 is a little young and may of been rushed slightly. I bought two boxes from him and got 4 samples from Miami Cigar Co. As I finish smoking through 1 box and the samples I plan to age my second box for at least 30 days before I smoke one and I think then the cigar will really “pop”. Despite this I can’t get enough of these and have totally enjoyed them and while I might reach for a Corona before a Lancero I expect that to change with a little bit of age.

Price: Various by State, but $140 a box/mail order.
Score: 91

Dislclaimer: I was given 4 samples for review from Miami Cigar Co. who also advertises on this website. In addition to the samples, I had purchases 2 boxes from Buckhead Cigar as I am a legitimate fan of the 107. As always my typo’s have been left in for your amusement.