Politics & Cigar Smoking

In my mind there are 3 things that should never be discussed in a cigar shop and those are 1) Religion 2) Politics and 3) Another man’s wife. Well I am about to create what some consider a cardinal sin by mixing politics into a Cigar Blog and mention the CRA again. Don’t cringe to hard.

A few months back the Cigar Rights of America announced the Smoke the Vote campaign and stated, “From now until the fall elections, we’ll keep you posted on critical races throughout the nation, focusing upon the U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate and the Governor’s Office in each state. We’ll let you know about their records, suggest those that would most benefit this passion for cigars we share. We’ll let you know about voter registration, state and federal issue updates, and how we’re growing this base of Cigar Voters.”.

A good idea to educate cigar smokers about who is tobacco friendly, but a bad idea as it can alienate the winning politician if they did not back tobacco. But this never materialized and if not for the New York Tobacconist Association sending out a newsletter this weekend about Andrew Cuomo and his backing of a lower OTP cap I many not of decided to blog this piece.

When it comes down to it, should we as a cigar smokers really be voting for someone based upon their views on tobacco? Sure I can understand people who own a business doing just that, and I can understand the manufacturers of the world supporting such a candidate. However, as an American I thought this was a little shallow. There are so many issues that are plaguing this great nation of mine that tobacco has to take a back seat to things. There is hunger, homeless, education, the deficit, unemployment, transportation, health care and more that need to take a front seat in these mid term elections. To vote just based on tobacco is crazy and short sited. It just so happens the candidate I support in the race for New York Governor is also allegedly tobacco friendly. Yes, despite voting Republican the last few elections, I am voting Democrat and I support Andrew Cuomo as the next governor of New York.

As far as smoke the vote, does anyone know who the CRA supports in other races?

Remember to get out and vote next week because if you don’t vote you do not deserve a right to complain about the state of politics in the USA.

We will return tomorrow with a review and a promise to not bring politics again until the Presidential election.