Cigar Review: Oliva V Maduro 2010

So over the past couple of weeks my local shops got in their allotment of the Oliva V Maduro 2010. I picked up a couple of sticks here, and a a few more there. This was a huge change from the 2009 edition for me as I purchased 2 boxes last year but out of those 20 sticks, 18 of them had horrible draw issues and it left me turned off. Sad to say over the past year I didn’t nearly smoke as many Oliva cigars despite having a great relationship with the local rep. I was just turned off by the “wasted money” of 2 boxes with bad draws.

So here we are in 2010 and the question is, Will these 2010 V Maduro’s be as great at the 2008 batch, or a horrible as the 2009 version. Or perhaps fall somewhere in between. Here is my answer… How does it compare to yours?

Cigar: Oliva V Maduro 2010
Size: 6 x 54 (Torpedo)
Wrapper: Mexico (San Andreas Maduro)
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium
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Oliva V Maduro 2010

Oliva V Maduro 2010

Appearance and Construction: Maybe it is just me, but the cigars seem a bit darker this year then last year. The Mexican wrapper looks rugged and toothy with a few veins of note. There are some faint oils present but the cigars look rolled better then last at least to my memory. The V Maduro is pretty hefty with no soft spots and a nicely packed foot. The band is similar to the traditional V line with the exception of the word Maduro off to the side.

Flavor & Notes: Prior to lighting up the Oliva V Maduro the cold draw reminds me very much of a Mexican wrapper cigar. I am not talking about your Grandfathers Te-Amo’s here. I’m talking high quality San Andreas Maduro. There is a slight cherry and chocolate on the pull while the foot offers up some earth and figs. Sometimes you feel like a nut, and that is exactly what this cigar serves up in he first third. There is also a dark chocolate and subtle sweetness that does just enough to tease. The second third of the cigar the cigar comes very smooth with tasty notes of black cherry, dark chocolate and coffee. Yes, it is basically desert in a cigar!  The final third some notes of leather develop with a continue black cherry, coffee and nuts.

Smoking Characteristics: When I clipped the cigar of my review sticks the cold draw was tight and it had me worried to these being a repeat of 2009. In fact I smoked a couple of extra to make sure it was just the cold draw, and sure it enough it has been. Once the cigar is little it draws with a nice resistance that would make Goldilocks happy with it being “just right”. A few of the smokes needed to be touched up in the first half, however other then that they burned fairly even  with a nice firm light ash. There was a nice amount of smoke produced that was spicy to the nose.

Conclusion: The 2008 was still tops for me, but this 2010 is a very close 2nd. In fact let us call them 1a and 1b. The cigar rebounded nicely from last years construction fluke. Definitely worth the purchase, just make sure they are properly humidified otherwise they can come off as a bit pasty/chalk like.

Rating: 90
Price: $84.00 Box of 10 from Buckhead call Mike at 404-844-0400. Rumor has it he may still have 08 and 09 Maduro’s in stock too.

Disclaimer: As always the typo’s and spelling mistakes have been left in this review for your amusement.