Cigar Review: La Sirena

La Sirena

La Sirena is the newest cigar to be distributed by Miami Cigar & Company and it is being produced by the My Father factory in Nicaragua. If that wasn’t reason enough to be excited. the cigar features a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. But before we get into the particulars allow me to give you some back story about this cigar.

I first got to smoke a few of these when the concept was coming close to reality. Having known brand ambassador Arielle Ditkowich and her family for some time I was asked to try one and that first one left me less then impressed. But then again any cigar short of the mildest of mild would of done that at the time. It was 11:00 I hadn’t had my morning coffee or breakfast. The strength of the cigar was multiplied at that time of the morning. Well fast forward a few weeks and I smoked one under proper smoking conditions and it was at that time I fell in love with these sticks.

The cigar is available in 5 sizes, Sea Sprite – 5.5 x 42; The Prince – 5 x 50; Divine – 5.5 x 52 (figurado); King Poseidon – 6 x 60 and Trident – 7 x 50. The will retail between $8.00 and $10.50 before local taxes.

On a side note, La Sirena means the Mermaid, and the brand ambassador is Arielle. Can you say a match made under the sea?

Cigar: La Sirena
Size: 6 x 60 (King Poseidon)
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium/Full
Facebook: La Sirena Cigars
Twitter: @lasirenacigars

La Sirena 6 x 60

La Sirena 6 x 60

Appearance and Construction: Someone should call Guinness because this just might be the largest band currently on a cigar in production. One thing, spotting them on the shelves will be easy. Blue, Red, Gold, Silver, Gray the band incorporates maritime elements with a mermaid in the center. The Connecticut Broadleaf looks to be well aged with a nice amount of magnesium pimples present on the wrapper that I didn’t notice until the flash of the camera. In the hand the cigar is pretty heavy with no soft spots, some tooth and a well packed foot. The cigar has a perfectly applied triple cap as well.

Flavor & Notes: Once this 6 x 60, which is the #3 selling size in the United States is clipped I put the La Sirena through my pre-light ritual. The foot of the cigar has a berry like note which I liken to that of a jelly ring. Dark chocolate and a berry are dominant to the nose while the draw serves up some cocoa and earth. The cigar starts off with some spicy notes and a touch of leather before slowing fading away and revealing notes of apple, dark chocolate, and espresso. The second third of the cigar a touch of leather returns with notes of dark chocolate and espresso remaining from the first third. The second third of the cigar becomes a bit dry in terms of taste so be sure to keep a beverage handy. The final third of the cigar the leather notes become the focal point with some rich chocolate and spice on the finish.

Smoking Characteristics: The draw on the La Sirena is as perfect as they come with a nice rich volume of smoke that is pleasant to the nose. The medium color ash holds incredibly well though I lost the ash when I had to remove the band as I reached the end of the first third. The burn is as crisp as they come and the cigar remained lit from start to finish.

Conclusion: Normally I like a corona size cigar but on this particular brand the 6 x 60 might be the best of the sizes with the 7 x 50 Trident a close second. The Connecticut Broadleaf will definitely attract the fans of another cigar produced by My Father cigar but to compare them wouldn’t be fair. The cigar was well received at IPCPR in New Orleans and should quickly gain a large amount of fans in no time. The press release labled this full bodied, but unless you are smoking on an empty stomach they probably are closer to medium than full.

Rating: 91
Price: $10.50 MSRP (Before Taxes)

Disclaimer: Miami Cigar & Company is an advertiser on and I am friends with the Ditkowich family. Despite this I had to buy my own box at a recent event and with NYC Tobacco taxes in the mix I would of slammed this cigar if it was warranted. Those who know me, know I am opinionated to a fault and friendship or sponsorship would never effect my views on a cigar. As always the typo’s and spelling mistakes have been left in this review for your amusement or to annoy my friend Gary Arzt, take your pick :)

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  • Komodota

    Hello Barry. I am sitting here at the VIP Members bar at the ultra ultra luxurious Casa de Montecristo Lounge in Countryside, IL. The moment I walked in this afternoon, the manager immediately suggested that I try the cigar. I could try to write a witty synopsis on my impressions of the cigar but why bother. In a word, this is a FABULOUS stick. Everything you described and more. Its not often a cigar right out the box impresses right off the bat, but this one does. The 6 x 60 is the way to go. Attractive in the hand, in some ways it does not seem like a 6 x 60. A top 10 for its perfect draw (using a center bullet cut) and a candidate for a longest ash cigar.

    A box worthy purchase if there ever was one. given the special: buy a box – get a box free, I would buy a box to smoke now and put the other one away for a year or so. If it tastes this good now, I can only imagine what the maduro wrapper will taste like after some aging. A bonafide winner all the way.

  • marco

    Where can these be purchased? I would like to give them a try, you’ve whetted my appetite.

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  • TriMarkC

    Dang, that’s one huge cigar band! Personally, I’m not a big fan of the 6×60 size. 5×50 & churchills, with the occasional perfecto.

    Great review – especially in light of your disclaimer.

  • Dommiel74

    anyone smoking a 660 knows nothing about cigars and their review is worthless

  • Cigary43

    I tried this cigar at a place I frequent on business…not sure what anyone else sees in the line but it didn’t impress me at all.  The ash on this cigar is horrible…it constantly flakes while you smoke it and the taste is nothing to write home about.  At best this is a $2 cigar…don’t wear any clothing that you don’t mind having ash on it the whole time.  I finally left this thing burning in the ashtray and walked off.  The ash tells me there is a lot of short filler in this thing no matter what anybody will tell ya…long filler won’t burn like this.  There are far better cigars out there for the money….this is advertising at its best…all hoopla and no delivery.

  • Your Wife

     La Sirena, worst cigar ever.

  • Jyow617

    I am smoking the sea sprite right now. Other than the flaky ash, I’d say its a good cigar. I’ll definitely smoke more in the future.

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