Cigar Review: Tatuaje Anarchy

A few months back a website appeared on the Internet promoting Tatuaje Anarchy and a lot of people were intrigued to what was going on. But the mystique as to what or who was behind it was answered relatively quickly due to some copyright searches. In case you still don’t know what the Tatuaje Anarchy is about, allow me to explain.

Abe who owns Smoke Inn in Florida has had a great relationship with Pete Johnson from Tatuaje and he approached him about doing a cigar for his shops 15th Anniversary. A new cigar, size and blend that would be a limited edition but made in enough quantity that people should not have a problem getting these. Given the success of this great marketing campaign that is no small order.

Cigar: Tatuaje Anarchy
Size: 6 x 54 (Salamon / Perfecto / Anarchy)
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium/Full
Facebook: Smoke Inn
Twitter: @tatuajeanarchy

Tatuaje Anarchy

Tatuaje Anarchy

Appearance and Construction: Tall, dark and oily just like a bronzed beauty on the beach. The Tatuaje Anarchy is different than any other cigar from the Pete Johnson catalog out there. The size is an approximate 6 x 54 and well you can call it a salomon, a perfecto or just anarchy and it features a pig tail cap that is swirled around the cap and it reminds one of the bun like hair worn by Princess Leia in Star Wars. The Ecuadorian Habano wrapper is dark, with only the thinnest of veins and loaded with oils. There is some massive weight to the cigar with no soft spots and an exquisite roll. The simple label has Pete’s initials on the back, Tatuaje embossed on the side, and the Anarchy logo on the front.

Flavor & Notes: As I got ready to smoke I cued up the Megadeth version of Anarchy in the UK since it was fitting to the name of the cigar. The pre-light draw on the cigar is that of spices and something which I can’t quite place my finger on it. The foot of the cigar offers up a slight chocolate note, but is otherwise non-descriptive. Once the cigar is lit, there are some notes of pepper but not overpowering even at 9am when I smoked my first sample. As we continue into the first third of the cigar the notes are chocolate, coffee and spices. As I approach the second third of the cigar the coffee notes begin to pick up and they become the primary note. The background continues to have notes of chocolate but its joined by a faint cedar, cloves, and cinnamon. Around the mid way point of the second third the cigar becomes sweet, and notes of chocolate step up to the front of the line and the cinnamon becomes more defined on the finish. The second third is a roller coaster ride of complexity that has me totally into this smoke. There are some similarities here to the My Father LE 2010 that leaves me wondering if this stick has some Pelo De Oro tobacco in it. The final third of the smoke the strength kicks up a notch with some pepper notes  and the coffee becomes more of a strong espresso while there is a bittersweet finish.

Smoking Characteristics: I’ve never had any luck with cigars that are similar to this format due to burn issues, but this one changed that for me. The cigar burned perfect and even throughout the duration. The light gray ash had a slight marble effect and it held on remarkably well. The draw of my two samples were mixed with the first one being tight enough where it was annoying while the second one was perfect all the way through. Overall this doesn’t really concern me too much since I feel that is always one stick in every box that is not quite up to spec. Afterall, these are handmade products. The Tatuaje Anarchy had a wonderfully rich aroma with wonderful notes of chocolate.

Conclusion: Whenever a cigar is shop specific I am a bit worried that it might not live up to par. I guess I have the mentality of hey, if the cigar is that good why not just keep it for the overall brand and put it out as a regular release. However, this cigar is in one word, “outstanding”. Don’t take my word on it, order them. Tatuaje Anarchy will start taking orders at midnight after you finish your turkey dinner this Thanksgiving (2010). Just check out for more details.

Rating: 93
Price: $9.99

Disclaimer: was lucky enough to be sent 2 samples to review along with some other cigar sites and this represents our opinion. As always we advocate you try a cigar and make your own judgements. After all you know what they say about opinions… As always the typo’s and spelling mistakes have been left in this review for your amusement or to annoy my friend Gary Arzt, take your pick :)