Making a Statement

Recently on twitter I had the chance to speak to @EPCarrillo about how walking through an airport with an unlit cigar gets many looks from you. This reminded me of a time I was in a location with an unlit cigar and a lady began to cough. I had to tell her, “let’s not get carried away this cigar has never been lit”. This is the life of a cigar smoker in the United States today and in parts of the world.

We got to talking about how great it would be to organize a day where all cigar smokers in the world take part in a day of protest. The concept is simple. On given date which has yet to be decided we walk into malls, stores, restaurants, elevators, places of business with an unlit cigar as a silent protest to how we have been chastised as members of society for our passion. The event would be peaceful much like a sit in of the 60’s to call attention to the fact we spend our money and pay our taxes much like anyone else. We are your neighbors, your friends, your doctors, your lawyers, your teachers, your police offers, and your firefighters to name a few.

The idea is to get other forums, blogs, manufacturers, retailers, Tobacconist University, IPCPR and the Cigar Rights of America on board for our silent protest. Before a date is figured out what do you think of the idea, let us know if this is worth pursuing.

Be sure to leave a comment and let us know why you voted how you did!