Cigar Review: Padron 46 Years Natural

46 Years. The Padron Family has been making cigars since 1964 which is, 46 Years. That is a hell of a long time in business, though it shadows some of the other big names in the business. In the past my bench mark cigar was the Padron 1964 Principe Natural; but over time Padron fell of the radar for me. I think that is largely in part because as a reviewer I am always looking for a new cigar and to maintain brand loyalty is hard. Also, add to the fact that Padron hasn’t really been social media friendly they haven’t been in my eye as much as when I used to pick up a print magazine which I never do anymore.

Last year the 45 Years won cigar of the year from Cigar Aficionado and this year they are hoping to repeat. My top 3 are pretty much set in stone for my own list which will come out next month but will this cigar change that?

Cigar: Padron 46 Years
Size: 5.5 x 56
Wrapper: Nicaragua *
Binder: Nicaragua *
Filler: Nicaragua *
Strength: Medium
Facebook: Padron
Twitter: N/A

* Tobacco has been aged 10 years for this cigar.

Padron 46 Years Natural

Padron 46 Years Natural

Appearance and Construction: The Natural wrapper has some very fine veins to it and a nice amount of oils to the naked eye. Like many of the Padron “Hammer” Cigars I have there cigar is not perfectly straight. Even though these came mail order, the ones I’ve seen at my local tobacconist are slightly crooked and I am not sure why. While they haven’t altered the cigar and how they smoke I find it a little annoying. Much like wanting to collect a baseball card in mint condition I want my cigars to have that mint look too. The cigar feels a tad light and it has a slight tooth with no soft spots and a loosely packed foot.

Flavor & Notes: The pre-light draw f the cigar has some earthy notes that are very strong and all but cancel out the slight toffee note that is there as well. The foot of the cigar reminds me of cocoa and barnyard notes of hay and straw.  As I began to smoke the first third of the cigar I realized that this is not the same smoke as last year right off the bat. The notes consisted of some nuttiness and was incredibly smooth but so far it has failed to grasp my attention. The second third some sweet notes that border on toffee begin to emerge and take center stage while the nuttiness remains in the background. The final third of the Padron 46th Year offers up some creamy notes with some notes of vanilla, toffiee, nuts and earth making the final third the best of the smoke.

Smoking Characteristics: Let all cigars take a lesson from the this smoke. It burned well, drew well, the ash was a medium gray and strong but what really set this cigar apart was the aroma. Will an outstanding amount of smoke and a delicious vanilla like aroma this cigar delivers a great smoking experience.

Conclusion: Despite the characteristics of the cigar having an outstanding effect on the overall experience the 46th falls a little bit short for me. It lacks depth, flavor and complexity in all but the final third of the smoke. For me the cigar isn’t worth the price especial in NYC where it retails for over 40.00 once you figure sales tax in. My top 3 cigars of the year are safe and I am not sure if this performed well enough to make the top 15.

Rating: 90
Price: $124.95 a 5 pack at Uptown Cigar Company

Disclaimer: Uptown Cigar Company sent me a sample to try and I picked up another one to make sure my findings we accurate. So I smoked 2 cigars, each from a seperate but. As always the typo’s and spelling mistakes have been left in this review for your amusement or to annoy my friend Gary Arzt, take your pick :)