Happy Thanksgiving

Tis the season to be thankful. There are a lot of people who I owe thanks to in 2010 and the list would be to long. But a quick thanks to Miami Cigar & Company, EP Carrillo, La Palina, Uptown Cigar, Camacho Cigars, The Cigar Feed, Stogie Review, Stogie Guys, Cigar Inn, The Cigar Chick, The Smoking Hot Cigar Chick, Timothy Black, Buckhead Cigar, Jerry Cruz, Chief Hava, Cigars Thomas, Sonny, D’Crossier Cigar, Pinar Del Rio, Rocky Patel, Ron Melendi, Michael Herklots, New York Tobacconist Association, Gary Arzt, Sabor Havana, Guillermo Leon, Jose Blanco, Amaury Abreau, Jose Manuel, Nestor Miranda, Don Pepin Garcia, Janny Garcia, Eddie Ortega, Pete Johnson, Toasted Foot, Casa Fumando, Litto Gomez, Christopher Lenzo, Tobacconist University¬† and Cigar Right of America for their continued fight against the powers that be even if we don’t see eye to eye at times.

But must of all we are thankful for everyone who takes the time out of their busy days to check out this site and make it what it has become

May you be lucky enough to get the wishbone blessed enough to have your wishes come true.