I still support the CRA

It has come to my attention that some people believe that I am against the CRA and I do not support the CRA. This is false. While I have had some differences of opinions with the direction of the CRA I want it to succeed. The work being done by Glynn and Brian is long, hard and tedious and without their efforts our rights to smoke would soon be abolished if left unchallenged.

I had let my membership lapse mostly out of uncertainty of the effectiveness in the fight within my home state of New York, but it has come to my attention the countless hours put in to stop a smoking ban facing New York City. These efforts have brought me back and I have renewed my membership.

The Cigar Rights of America is our voice and should be supported by anyone who smokes cigars. $35.00 a year to have someone speak for you isn’t a big price and I recommend being a member of this group.

I have never stopped being a CRA supporter, and sadly my voice was misinterpreted otherwise.