Holiday shopping for cigars

As I’m sitting on the front seat of the Bolt bus on my way to Washington DC, the bus driver randomly makes an announcement to the cabin saying there are only a few weeks left in the year. Yep, the holiday season is definitely upon us. I experienced a brief flash of panic because I realized that I haven’t finished my holiday shopping yet. So I started to think about where to do my cigar shopping.

The places that come to mind are the shops that I used to frequent (before I moved back to New York) – JR cigars, W. Curtis Drapers, and Cigar Connection. I can always find stuff there that I can’t find anywhere else. So please support your local B&M’s!

But being the bargain hunter that I am, I think online shopping is a great way to supplement the B&M visits. So here’s what I did for you: I put together a quick list of awesome online deals that are going on right now. Check them out – maybe you’ll be able to score that gift for that certain special someone (you) that enjoys luxury tobacco.

Amazing cigar bargains is a great site that features deals from all around. Currently, it is featuring this okay cigar deal from CigarsInternational. Speaking of CigarsInternational, check out Joe’s Jambalaya – featuring a woot-style bargain which changes daily, oftentimes several times a day. Famous Smoke Shop has their woot-off equivalent called Cigarmonster, which features a separate page for humidors and accessories. Famous also has this awesome on-sale page, where you can sometimes score up to 50% off super premium smokes. JR Cigar has their daily and weekly Dutch auction – where you can score great deals on mostly General Cigar stogies. has a daily deal that can be worthwhile. Some individual sites will feature specials, for example, has this awesome cigar/travelcase/lighter combo and this travel humidor starter kit at great prices.  Slippery Rock has this Rockin’ deal.

Enjoy your holiday season.

Disclaimer: this post is not sponsored by any of the above companies/websites.