Cigar Review: Broadway Series by La Aurora Cigars

The cigar companies are coming to the aide of the New York Tobacconists. This week saw the release of two new cigars for my hometown market and today following up the interview with Rene Castaneda where he discusses the Broadway Series and about Miami Cigar & La Aurora becoming one company we share our thoughts on the Broadway Series by La Aurora.

As I stated in another review, “These releases help retailers because the cigars being released that are specific to New York are for the retailer. It gives them something to sell that can’t be bought online. However it does nothing for the consumer because the prices don’t give us a cheaper option, it just gives us another option. Personally I do not have a problem with that, but  if you want to help the consumer come out with a good $8.00 cigar.”

Cigar: Broadway Series
Size: 5 ¾ X 54 (Toro)
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra
Binder: Dominican Corojo
Filler: Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Peru
Strength: Medium
Twitter: @laauroracigars

Broadway Series by La Aurora

Broadway Series by La Aurora

Appearance and Construction: The cigar has a wonderfully oily looking Ecuadorian Sumatra that has some veins present including one medium sized one that runs the sample of the cigar. This however does not take way from the overall beauty of the cigar which is well rolled with an exquisitely constructed cap. Looking at the foot of the cigar there is a dark swirl that is almost dead center of the smoke which creates an interesting contrast on this well packed stick. The wrapper is black, red, and silver with the city skyline over the words Broadway Series.

Flavor & Notes: I went with a straight cut utilizing my Xikar cigar scissors for the review stick. However, prior to cutting the foot offered up notes of sweet cherry, and spice. Once the cigar was cut the draw offered of some more sweetness, nuts and some earth notes. There is a vague familiarity about the cigar but I can’t quite place it at this time. Peruvian tobacco is my favorite tobacco and I have heard most people describe it as bitter, but for me there is a sweetness to it that makes it oh so distinct. Once the cigar is lit it is obvious that this cigar contains that tobacco. The first third serves up notes of cedar, nuts and a nice spice especially through the nose. The spice does not over power and compliments the subtle sweetness in the background of the smoke. As we enter the second third of the cigar the sweetness begins to develop into some notes of a faint chocolate and cherry, with a continued nuttiness and subtle cedar. The final third of the cigar picks up in strength and there are some notes of coffee that join the mix, with continued nuts, spices and a underlying sweetness.

Smoking Characteristics: Surrounded last night by people smoking the new Broadway Series the one thing that I really noticed was how well the cigar burned and how long the ashes held for. Even on my review stick I kept the ash for half the cigar with the stick sporting a razor sharp burn line throughout. The draw was impeccable and there was a nice nice aroma that was a little bit sweet to the nose.

Conclusion: Throughout the cigar there was a familiarity to the stick and I believe that this cigar would be the offspring of the 1495 BME and Guillermo Leon Signature. The cigar reminded me a little bit of both throughout the stick. Perhaps it was just something in my head due to the Peruvian tobacco, or really the case. The cigar provided a nice smoking experience with some good notes that is definitely worthy of a purchase.

Rating: 90
Price: $12.25

Disclaimer: I received a couple of samples of the cigar for review from my friends at Miami Cigar & Company and as always the typo’s and spelling mistakes have been left in this review for your amusement and to annoy my friend Gary Arzt.

CONTEST/RAFFLE: I know the fact I added CAPTCHA to the comments section is annoying but the amount of spam was through the roof. Anyway, leave a comment by Monday at 10am Eastern time and we will randomly select a winner to receive a 3 pack of these smokes!

Broadway Series by La Aurora

Broadway Series by La Aurora