Featured Lounge: Hotel Cigar Bar & Custom Cocktails

For those of you that are in the Charlotte North Carolina area, I envy you! As of today, there is this great hotel cigar bar there (at the Charlotte Marriott Center) that features delicious cocktails. I’ve often heard people pairing their prized premium smokes with less than premium beverages… to each their own. But for some Sacrilege!

While there are general guidelines for pairing, custom cocktails and premium cigars can be a match made in heaven! For example, if you have a strong, full bodied cigar that might be a bit out of your league, there’s something you can do about it. So an absinthe drink, slowly dripped over a cube of sugar might do it.

“According to Shea Gottshall, Director of Restaurants at the hotel, a glass containing an ounce of Lucid Absinthe is placed underneath the fountain which is filled with ice cold water. A specially designed spoon holding a raw sugar cube is placed on top of the glass. The ice cold water is slowly “dropped” onto the sugar, allowing the sugar water to be released into the glass and mixed with the spirit. Once the “louche” is created and the oils in the spirit are released to create the classic green and opaque appearance, the cocktail is complete. ”

Wow, I can’t wait to try that with a new full bodied cigar like the La Sirena.

Via: Marketwire and Marriott News Center