La Aurora Broadway Launch @ Cigar Inn

On December 20th, 2010 La Aurora Cigars launched their latest blend which is specific for the New York market called Broadway. The cigar which I reviewed last week was met with much fanfare by those in attendance. Those who smoked the cigar at the event that I got a chance to talk with raved about the cigar.

This past summer the state of New York passed a 75% OTP tax which has effected the cigar prices tremendously.  According Guillermo León, “New York has always been special to me and my family. What has happened with the cigar taxes in New York is tragic. Since we cannot lower the taxes, we worked hard to lower the cost of this cigar without compromising quality. ” Nestor Miranda of Miami Cigar who distributes La Aurora in North America adds, “we are beginning to try to help tobacconists with the Broadway series by La Aurora just in time for Christmas.”

The dinner which while expensive at $350.00 was a bargain at the same time. Over 100 guests enjoyed a fine meal catered by La Mangeoire that consisted of a salad, shrimp with pasta and a a great steak with a cognac and peppercorn cream sauce. The entire staff from La Mangeoire made sure all the patrons were happy and they were expertly overseen by a representative of the restaurant named Ceevak.

In addition to the meal patrons were able to enjoy Zafra rum, wine and Presidente beer. But that was just the beginning. Attendees also left with the following items.

And most importantly a great memory of a wonderful event. The brothers of Cigar Inn Billy, Bas and Gus definitely know how to throw a party and despite the hefty price tag everyone left feeling they got their money worth and them some.