Readers Choice Top 10 of 2010 & Contest Winner

About a week or so ago I asked everyone to leave a comment with their top 5 cigars of 2010. From that list we were able to put together a top 10 list of 2010 according the the readers of Ties were settled by the actual ranking of where a reader placed the cigar in their list. I agree with many of the choices on this list, but I can tell you my number 1 cigar of the year is different then what is on this list.

We will share our Top 15 of 2010 on New Years Eve… But for now allow me to congratulate Garrett Warner from Wisconsin on being randomly chosen to win a $100 gift certificate from Garrett has been contacted by email and I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a joyous Holiday Season.

10) Diesel Unlimited – While this cigar escaped our radar over the course of 2010 it falls in at number ten. Diesel Unlimited is fitted with a dark, Honduran ligero wrapper leaf. Rich long-leaf filler tobaccos from Condega and Esteli Nicaragua meld with spicy San Andres leaves. Check out the review from our friends at Toasted Foot.

09) La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor – Blended at the My Father Factory this cigar was released right after the IPCPR trade show in in August of 2010. To read our review on the cigar click HERE.

08) Padron 45th Year – Despite not being a new release the Padron 45th Year still scores strong with our readers and may be one of the best cigars ever produced. In fact when we reviewed it back in September of 2009 we gave it a near perfect score of 99. The price is the only thing that kept it from scoring a 100. Read our review HERE.

07) CAO La Traviata – While I personally enjoy the Maduro better, last year CAO released the La Traviata which was well received by the cigar community. With an outstanding price, the cigar grew in popularity but with the merger of CAO and General one has to wonder how long before the La Traviata falls out of favor. Read our review HERE.

06) Epernay Le Martin – Dion followed up the success of is Epernay line by releasing the cigar in a box press format in 2010. I only smoked one this year and try not to do a review unless I smoke 3 so I never got around to it for various reasons and I regret that. You can check out the review from Dan over at Crooked Burn.

05) Tatuaje Petite Cazadore – I think even the success of this cigar might of caught Pete Johnson off guard as they were recently back ordered to retailers. One of my favorites of 2010 this little cigar perfect for the cold winter nights in the Northeast is a flavor bomb of epic proportions. Despite smoking over 2 boxes of these I can’t believe I never wrote a review on it but you can read one from our friends at Smoking Stogie.

04) Tatuaje Face – Part of the Monster Series The Face sort of righted the ship after the 2009 Monster release. The cigars were easier to get this year and they were pretty tasty. Next year Pete will bring us the The Wolfan in a torpedo format with a shaggy foot. You can read our thoughts on the Face HERE.

03) Guillermo Leon Signature – The signature has tobacco from 6 different countries including my personal favorite filler tobacco, Peru. Ever since our trip to the Dominican Republic we are happy to call Guillermo Leon a friend and we look forward to his visits to New York. Even before this cigar was released it seems to be his go to smoke, and why not as it bears his signature. You can read our review HERE.

02) Liga Privada Unico Serie Dirty Rat – Every time I see this cigar I can’t help by think of James Cagney. Even before this cigar was release people were asking about it, and I have to say to get 7 different types of tobacco into a cigar of this size is challenging to say the least. The result is a cigar worthy of a top 5 finish. You can read our thoughts on the Dirty Rat HERE.

The Number 1 Cigar Of the Year as voted by the readers of is….

1) La Aurora 107 – La Aurora 107 marks over one hundred years of handcrafting fine cigars. This medium to full-bodied blend is made with a Sun Grown wrapper from Ecuador, over six year old fillers and binder from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. La Aurora 107 provides a rich and complex smoke. The cigar has been well received in every aspect of the community from retailers, media, and consumers. You can read our review HERE.