Sunday Links

Ah the last Sunday of the year, a year that has flown by. It seems as I get older the years go by quicker. While I know they all move at the same pace it seems funny how much time is beginning to fly by. Even yesterday as I was driving around town on Christmas Day looking to see what was open I stumbled upon a barber shop. I needed a haircut and since no one was present I decided to get my hair cut. The result was more proof that I am indeed getting older. As the hairs fell off my head I was shocked at the amount of gray that was present but thankfully there is no bald spot yet and the hairline isn’t receding.

It’s funny I set off to write about the blizzard happening in NYC right now but I got side-tracked. As a kid I couldn’t wait for it to snow now all I can think of is the potential heart attack of shoveling out my driveway after 15″ of snow falls.

For now the Sunday Links…

Til next time, make sure you spend those gift certificates on cigars!