Martell To Release Cohiba Cognac

The New Year, 2011, is coming quickly. To celebrate, Martell, the makers of fine cognac, is pairing with Cuban cigar makers to launch Martell Cohiba Cognac in Hong Kong. Looks like Asia is quickly becoming an attraction for cigar tourism.

The dynamic duo will be available starting in January through Hong Kong stores and websites. It does look like this is a premium offering from Martell. The pricetag is a bold one: $5,000 HK ($645 U.S).

To some cigar connoisseurs, beverage pairing is a big deal. According to the cognac expert, “[Martell Cohiba Cognac is] the perfect tipple to sip with a Cuban Cohiba Cigar, the cognac has a strong, intense and fully rounded flavour that perfectly compliments the strong taste of the tobacco.  With liquorice and almost nutty tangs, Cohiba Cognac is produced from the finest Martell Cognac made with grapes from the ‘Grande Champagne’ area of the cognac region.”

Here’s some more info on the blend from, “the blend of the new Cognac is made from exceptional eaux-de-vie which are aged between 40 and 50 years in oak casks. 50 years is half a century and you can very well imagine that during this period it takes on the wood’s rich notes as well as an amber hue. In the end it finishes with 43% alcohol volume and that is what makes it perfect for consuming with cigars.”

The Martell bottle is also special. It pays tribute to the brand once-exclusive only to Castro himself. It features a print design that showcases the Cuban Vegas (tobacco fields). To me, it looks like a fancy bottle of Mamajuana.

Have you tried the pairing? Would love to know your thoughts/experiences.

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