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Cigar Review: Master by Carlos Torano 6 x 60


Until about a year ago I was dead set against the 60 ring cigar but then I smoked one that changed my mind. On the market there are now about 3 cigars that I prefer the 60 ring over a more traditional size.

The Master is a joint effort between Carlos Torano and master roller Felipe Sosa and comes in five sizes: Robusto (5 x 50), Torpedo (6.25 x 52), Churchill (7 x 50), Toro (6 x 54) and now 6 x 60. The cigar is described by Toraño as “having a bold, rich flavor … it’s for the man with a seasoned palate, a cigar that fully satisfies after an opulent meal or an evening pairing with spirits. True aficionados will discern and appreciate the balanced flavor and body.”

News: Fausto & La Casita Criolla by Tatuaje

Pete Johnson the man behind Tatuaje has a few new sticks coming out in 2011 and two of them are the Fausto and La Casita Criolla. His facebook page has big a big source of information as well as the fact he participates on the Cigar Forum, BOTL.

He recently posted the new advertisement for his Fausto cigar and it looks to be nice and strong.

Read More for Photo..

Breaking News: Gary Hyams, Former CAO Chairman, Leaves General Cigar


General Cigar just announced that as a result of completely acquiring CAO International today, former Chairman of CAO Gary Hyams will step down. So when companies merge, it’s commonplace for duplicative positions to be streamlined. I guess Gary’s role was just made obsolete.

Just before he left, Gary said, “Being at the helm of CAO for the past four years has meant a lot to me and I am proud of what my colleagues and I have accomplished. I have great faith in Dan Carr and his team…

Cigar Event: 13th Habanos Cigar Festival In Cuba


Hey, did you get your tickets yet? Looks like the Cuban cigar event of the year is happening soon, from February 21–25, in Havana Cuba. With travel to Cuba now being easier than ever, hey, it’s possible to attend legally this year.

It’s likely that the event is going to be filled with lots of fine Cuban tobacco. Lucky participants will probably be able to sample the next greatest Cohibas. It was the Behike last year – I wonder what it will be this year.

So far, the President of the organizing committee, Oscar Basulto, said that more than 1000 cigar lovers have already confirmed their attendance.

Sunday Links


As I sit here ready to write my Sunday Links entry i just lit up an Anejo #48 and as I just spoke with fellow cigar enthusiast @baboruger on twitter we both agree that this years Anejo release is pretty special. Although I have had some draw issues, the cigar has been better then recent years.

Yesterday I was on the radio, my first ever cigar interview on the air. I’ve been on the radio on the past as a college DJ back in the day, my friends radio station had me in studio hanging out once and we got into a discussion on new wave music which was awkward as I am a metal head. But my time spent yesterday on The Cigar Authority was a lot of fun and I hope to do it again. In two weeks I will also be a guest on a show hosted by @mallikarjunan

News: Avo Limited Edition 2011


It’s that time of year where the annual release of the Avo Limited Edition is set to be released. Has as been custom with the past releases the cigar will make it’s debut on Avo Uvezians birthday. He celebrates his 85th birthday on March 22nd, 2011.

According to Edward Simon, brand manager for Avo Cigars this years release will be a Dominican Puro and will come in a 10 count box. The size this time around is a diadema and it will be the most limited release to date.

Read More to see more pictures…

Cigar Review: PDR 1878 Reserva Dominicana Capa Oscura


Just before I got sick I was contacted by Abe Flores of Pinar Del Rio asking if I would like to sample his new cigars. Having become a fan last year as the company took a turn for the better I eagerly jumped all over it. In my constant battle with my mailman the first set of samples sent to me never arrived. It seems if the box does not fit in my mailbox the mailman was leaving the box on the floor by the mailboxes instead of bringing them to my door. Well despite this I managed to tip my mailman this year and now the packages are left at my door and nothing has not yet showed up. Thankfully Abe sent out a second shipment and I apologize for the delay in getting these reviewed as having mild pneumonia knocked me down for the count (a saying I do not get, wouldn’t thank make me dead).

Cigar Review: Davidoff 2000 Tubos


My humidor almost always has at least a dozen Davidoff cigars in it at any given time which I guess makes me a cigar snob. I always tell myself I need to visit Michael Herklots at Davidoff in NYC where is he is the General Manager and one of the best cigar peeps around, period. But alas parking around the Madison Avenue location is brutal and 2 hours can cost in excess of $30.00 which on top of cigars makes it an expensive visit. The answer is mass transit, but I am always driving into the city that it never materializes.

Today’s review is a cigar I have smoked over a dozen times but never took the time to review, the Davidoff 2000 Tubos. According to the Davidoff website, “In terms of flavour, the Davidoff 2000 falls between the marked, robust aroma of the cigars in the “Grand Cru” series and the delicate, mild ones of the “Classic” series.” Our thoughts follow…

News: Miami Cigar to Donate 5K To The Love Fund


Further proving that the cigar community is one of the most giving communities in the world Miami Cigar announced today a fundraiser to raise $5,000 to the Dade County Love Fund in response to Roger Castillo and Amanda Haworth being killed while serving an arrest warrant in Liberty City last week. These two officers made the ultimate sacrifice in there commitment to serve & protect and it is important that we do no forget them and other police officers wounded and fallen in the line of duty.

According to Jason Wood Maketing Manager for Miami Cigar & Company, “The Mirandas were very moved by the funeral service for the two slain Police Officers. They are very aware of the recent increase in violence against Police Officers.” The Mirandas learned about The Love Fund yesterday, and asked Wood and MC&C Vice President Rene J. Cataneda to organize this event immediately.

Cigar Review: Viaje Reserva VOR #5


As I prepared to review today’s cigar I realized that my camera was at work so I had to resort to my phone’s camera. Anyway, one of the benefits from working at home is I can smoke. So as the snow falls outside my window and work awaits I needed to prioritize my day and the cigar review became first order.

Today’s smoke was pretty much off my radar until a certain magazine named it the #2 cigar of the year as they are produced in limited quantities and I never see the brand at any location in New York City which is very frustrating because for the most part the Viaje cigars I have smoked I have enjoyed. But like many cigar smokers I had to ask is this cigar really worth the #2 slot? The cigar is produced at the Raices Cubanas cigar factory which also makes illusione and has had some success lately. The brand owner is Andre Farkas and this our take on the Viaje Reserva VOR #5.

Cigar Event: Bolivar D’Oro & Benji Menendez at Nat Sherman’s

Nat Sherman is teaming up with General Cigar for a very unique event in Midtown Manhattan. On Thursday, February 3rd at 7:30pm the Nat Sherman store will be hosting the legendary Benji Menendez for the Worldwide Release of the Bolivar D’Oro.

Looks like there will be cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and of course samplings of the new Bolivar D’Oro.

Cigar Review: Cain F Lancero


Being I sick for over a week my intention is to make it up this week and post a cigar review 5 days in a row this week. Today’s review comes hot off the heels of the press release for the Cain F Lancero. While available only through a Studio Tobac sampler which will be a gift with purchase at upcoming events the Cain F Lancero has reached cult status. This past football year I was in a Fantasy Football League with some well known brothers of the leaf. The league itself was organized by Oliva Sales Rep, Ian Hummel. Well I managed to win the league and the prize was a load of cigars. We each donated 5 cigars each to start the season and 1st and 2nd place won the sticks. Ian managed to throw in a couple of Cain F Lanceros that I used to review the Cain F Lancero. For those interested my football team was: QB-Drew Brees; RB-Darren McFadden, Ahmad Bradshaw, LeGarrette Blount; WR- Marques Colston, Jacoby Ford, Chad Ochocinco;TE-Antonio Gates (replaced with Rob Gronkowski); K-David Akers; DEF- Pittsburgh Steelers. My Bench was Mike Tolbert, Devone Bess, and the Jets Defense.

Cigar News: Studio Tobac to Release Cain-F Lancero

Cain F Lancero

Wow, Oliva is introducing a new size for their Cain line, the Lancero. With a unanimous vote from the Board of Studio Tobac, Oliva is going to begin to produce their new Cain F Lancero. However, according to the press release, “the lancero will not be in regular production and therefore will not be for sale to the general public. The Cain F Lancero will only be available in The Limited Edition Studio Tobac Cigar Sampler.” The Cain F Lancero is likely to be packaged in an aluminum tube along with other limited edition cigars to be gifted with a box purchase. Sounds like the presentation alone is going to be an attraction.

Cigar Review: Illusione 88 Candela


Top O’ the morning to you lads! For the most part I have never met a candela I like with the exception being the Arturo Fuente 858. At one time candela wrappers were easy to find and I remember them having a little section in a local Humidor during the cigar boom, and for the most part they did nothing for me. I wanted to smoke one of these last week when the Jets beat the Patriots but I had to put it off as I was sick.

It seems like everything Dion touches lately turns to gold and the candela is no exception. It feels like Dion has brought back the candela as these cigars have been sought after by collectors, connoisseurs and everyone in between. As soon as some online retailers get them, they are gone and Dion has assured us via twitter that as long as there is a demand for the green, he will produce them.

Sunday Links


It’s been a quite week in the cigar world and other then Draper’s down in Washington DC expanding to Bethesda not much has happened. The cold weather really has a grip on the Northeast and as I write today’s entry wind chill temperatures are in the negative numbers and another massive snow storm is heading our way. Add to the fact that I was sick and my week was extremely boring so there isn’t much to write about so let’s just jump into the Sunday Links shall we?

Cigar Review: PDR 1878 Cubano Especial Capa Natural


When Pinar Del Rio first burst onto the cigar scene a few years ago they weren’t met with a lot of love. The cigars had a cult following but general acceptance among cigar smokers was slow to come, at least in my neck of the woods. Well over the last year or so Abe Flores has slowly taken Pinar Del Rio to the next level. Having run into him at Cigar Expo held by Famous Smoke Shop I remember how happy Abe was about his new products and he gifted me with a few smokes including my first ever culebra.

Fast forward from May to August and again I ran into Abe Flores down in New Orleans in his home shop of Don Leoncio cigars and I fell in love with the 1878 Capa Madura. So a few weeks ago when Abe reached out to me to smoke his new cigars I was all for it. Today is the Natural version and next week we will review the Oscuro.

News: Studio Tobac Sampler Photos


Today managed to get their hands on some photos of the new cigars coming down the pike from Studio Tobac. We would like to take the time to thank Ian Hummel of Oliva Cigars for sharing these photos with us. As soon as we get our hands on these we will be sure to share our thoughts, no word on when that will be as tour dates have yet to be publicized.

They sure do look tasty!

Cigar Commentary: Denver Hospital Does the Right Thing


No you can’t smoke in hospitals. But occasionally, I think some people get it right when making decisions. In this case, a Denver area Cigar store owner, David Engleberg, happens to be on the board of directors of a top respiratory hospital, National Jewish Health.

Congrats to David for winning a liquor license for his cigar store recently. But bigger news is that even though there may have been a conflict of interest, because the hospital’s work includes encouraging people to quit smoking, both David and the hospital did the right thing.

News: W. Curtis Drapers buys Bethesda Tobacco


Last week came the news that you could no longer smoking inside the oldest tobacco shop in Washington DC, Drapers. This seems to be a growing trend around the country. In NYC you can’t smoke in the current flagship Davidoff store, and they had to build a special room in their soon to be opened new location for smokers. Ad to the fact that some municipalities won’t let you smoke in the street and people are being sued for smoking in their own home one has to scratch their head and wonder where we are heading as an industry.

Yet with that said and done, it still doesn’t stop shops from acquiring a secondary location.

Cutting And Lighting In China, With Ladies Of The Leaf

Photo via

Smoking cigars is a pastime that is quickly picking up in China. Apparently, the trend holds true for women as well. Can you imagine – a vibrant cigar culture – embraced by both men and women? Seems like a Utopia, right?

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