Cigar Review: Diesel Shorty

Recently I took part in another Cigar Pass this one started by the guys over at Toasted Foot. I saw a few cigars in there I haven’t reviewed and being that January is a slow month in the cigar world I figured I would attack one of those cigars today. It seems like AJ Fernandez is everywhere today and this is yet another cigar from him. The Diesel Shorty some people have described as yet another cigar inspired by Nub and being it checks in at 4.5 x 60 I can see how people make the comparison.

Cigar: Diesel Shorty
Size: 4.5 x 60
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Twitter: AJ Fernandez
Strength: Full/Medium

Diesel Shorty

Diesel Shorty

Appearance and Construction: Powerhouse, the first thing to enter my mind when looking at this stick was, powerhouse. Short and Stout the Diesel Shorty has a hearty looking Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper that is rolled to perfection . Holding the cigar in my hand I really notice the weight of this stick that feels slightly off balance. There are two bands present on this heavy stick one denoting the brand, Diesel. The second band denotes the size, shorty.

Flavor & Notes: Some cigars smell so great on the foot while some are non-existent. This happens to be one of those cigars that smell heavenly. While there is some spice present, the primary note is dark chocolate with a subtle sweetness. Once I clipped the cold draw the stick served up the reverse with sweet outweighing the chocolate. The stick reminded me of a jelly-ring. The cigar once lit up has some of that classic Nicaraguan spice which as usual makes me sneeze. Thankfully it slowly fades away and the cigar develops notes of bittersweet chocolate and coffee notes in the first third. As we enter the second third of the cigar it becomes far less bitter. The notes at this point are coffee, and oak with some chocolate on the finish. The final third of the cigar the spice gets turned up a notch, and there is still a nice wood like presence on the finish.

Smoking Characteristics: The Diesel Short burned well, with no touch ups or relight needs. The medium to dark gray ash was weak considering the size of the cigar. From previous experience the thicker the ring gauge the stronger the ash, but that wasn’t the case here as the ash never held for more then an inch at a time. The cigar produced a rich volume of smoke with a spicy profile.

Conclusion: I liked the Diesel Unholy Cocktail a little bit more then the Shorty. I will admit I am not a fan of bigger ring gauge cigars for the most part. Sure there are some exceptions, but while good this cigar wasn’t in my wheelhouse especially in the final third. But at 90.00 a box of 24, these are nice cigars to keep around for when the mood hits.

Rating: 89
Price: Currently (01/07/11) on Sale @ CI for $89.95 a box. Regularly, $168.00

Disclaimer: As always all spelling, typographical and grammar mistakes have been left in place for you amusement and/or to annoy my good friend Gary J. Arzt.