News: W. Curtis Drapers buys Bethesda Tobacco

Last week came the news that you could no longer smoking inside the oldest tobacco shop in Washington DC, Drapers. This seems to be a growing trend around the country. In NYC you can’t smoke in the current flagship Davidoff store, and they had to build a special room in their soon to be opened new location for smokers. Ad to the fact that some municipalities won’t let you smoke in the street and people are being sued for smoking in their own home one has to scratch their head and wonder where we are heading as an industry.

Yet with that said and done, it still doesn’t stop shops from acquiring a secondary location. Hot off the heels of finding out that Paul Spence was let go by General Cigar/CAO news comes out of Washington, DC thanks to friend Juan Ulloa.

John Anderson and Matt Krimm owners of W. Curtis Draper Tobacconist, Washington, DC’s oldest full service tobacco shop, today announced they have completed the purchase of Bethesda Tobacco (4916 Del Ray Avenue, Bethesda, MD) from Michael Copperman.  It was also announced that Paul Spence, formerly Mid-Atlantic Regional Sales Manager with cigar manufacturer CAO International, was named Managing Partner & General Manager of the Bethesda store.  Spence brings over 20 years experience in the hospitality and cigar industries to the role.