Cigar News: Studio Tobac to Release Cain-F Lancero

Wow, Oliva is introducing a new size for their Cain line, the Lancero.  With a unanimous vote from the Board of Studio Tobac, Oliva is going to begin to produce their new Cain F Lancero.  However, according to the press release, “the lancero will not be in regular production and therefore will not be for sale to the general public.  The Cain F Lancero will only be available in The Limited Edition Studio Tobac Cigar Sampler.” The Cain F Lancero is likely to be packaged in an aluminum tube along with other limited edition cigars to be gifted with a box purchase.  Sounds like the presentation alone is going to be an attraction.

“This Nicaraguan puro is a classic lancero size (7×38) with a triple cap instead of the traditional pig-tail cap.  The blend is based on the popular Cain F line of cigars, but adapted to fit the lancero format.”  I think this will be a great way to re-discover how size formats affect the flavors of a cigar line.

Looks like the Cain Lancero blend and the fermentation process is  a unique one too. “The strength of the Cain F cigars are from the 3 types of ligero leaf – from the three major growing regions in Nicaragua:  Jalapa, Condega, and Esteli.  [T]he tobaccos in Cain F are all triple fermented.  Triple fermentation tempers the harshness and bite of the ligero leaves.” According to the press release, this process leaves behind rich flavor and spice.

“I really don’t care if anyone else likes this cigar.  I love lanceros so I’ll smoke every one of them myself. The blend on this cigar is fantastic. They nailed it at the factory.” says Executive Board member John Gazerro. “Seriously, lanceros are the perfect size for something limited like this.  It’s not a size that sells well, but it’s probably the most respected size in the super-elite cigar community.”   Gazerro continued “This cigar isn’t for novices.  It’s definitely strong; but the real aficionados will appreciate the huge flavor and lack of harshness.” Apparently, this size format is targeted towards the super-elite cigar community.

“The Cain F Lancero, and the entire Studio Tobac Cigar Sampler, will be available as a “gift with purchase” at Studio Tobac World Tour events in 2011.”  Sounds like it will be a giveaway with box purchases – sounds like a good value-add!

I definitely look forward to trying out some of these tasty creations. Can’t help but to think the popularity of the Twitter Cigar had something to do with this format from Oliva. What do you think?

Via Studio Tobac