Cigar Review: Davidoff 2000 Tubos

My humidor almost always has at least a dozen Davidoff cigars in it at any given time which I guess makes me a cigar snob. I always tell myself I need to visit Michael Herklots at Davidoff in NYC where is he is the General Manager and one of the best cigar peeps around, period. But alas parking around the Madison Avenue location is brutal and 2 hours can cost in excess of $30.00 which on top of cigars makes it an expensive visit. The answer is mass transit, but I am always driving into the city that it never materializes.

Today’s review is a cigar I have smoked over a dozen times but never took the time to review, the Davidoff 2000 Tubos. According to the Davidoff website, “In terms of flavour, the Davidoff 2000 falls between the marked, robust aroma of the cigars in the “Grand Cru” series and the delicate, mild ones of the “Classic” series.”  Our thoughts follow…

Cigar: Davidoff Mille Series
Size: 5 x 43 (Petit Corona)
Wrapper: Ecuador
Filler: Dominican
Strength: Mild
Twitter: @michaelherklots

Davidoff 2000 Tubos

Davidoff 2000 Tubos

Appearance and Construction: Being that I was snowed in this morning under 19″ of snow it was time to smoke something small and mild since I was smoking indoors. I opted for the Davidoff 2000 Tubos which is exquisitely packaged in a white tube, with a cedar sleeve. Once the cigar is removed from the tube the smoker is greeted with the simple but elegant Davidoff band on top of a cigar glistening with oils. Sure the wrapper has quite a few veins, but none really seem to stand out. The cap of the cigar has a Cuban-esque feel to it and if not for a slight bump the flat nature of it could pass as one. There is a nice weight present for the size and there are no soft spots making the Davidoff 2000 Series a a perfect example of Davidoff craftsmanship.

Flavor & Notes : There are a few cigars on the market where I feel I can nail what the cigar is based on the pre-light draw 9 out of 10 times, and this cigar fits the bill. The pre-light draw has that classic Henke Kelner note of grass and hay that screams barnyard while the nose offers up much of the same. I carefully lit the small ring cigar with my triple flame lighter and was treated to a delightful creaminess. As I smoked the first third the notes were cedar, a slight spice and earth. The second third is similar to the first with notes of cedar, and earth and slightly creamy at times. The final third is earthy with a creamy finish.

Smoking Characteristics: The Davidoff 2000 Tuboes burns very even from start to finish with a solid light gray ash that held on very well. There were no worries of losing the ash here and burning yet another hole in my shirt. The draw is perfection with the slightest resistance and the cigar produces an ample volume of smoke with a wood like aroma to the nose.

Conclusion: In today’s cigar market where everyone wants a strong cigar a lot of the classics are missed and ignored. At times it feels like to me as a cigar smoker that time has passed Davidoff by. But like everything else in the world, all things old are eventually reborn again and I am sure the day for the mild classic cigar will return. When that time comes this cigar will be sure to be on the top of the list. A great way to start off the day, and while the cigar lacks complexity it was still fulfilling.

Price: $11.80 MSRP
Score: 88